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USA SAFER Panel Meeting Minutes 2 Nov 2000

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November 2, 2000
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Meeting Minutes

November 2, 2000

The SAFER Panel met at JSC on November 2, 2000 in Building 1 room 360 at 10:00 a.m.

Meeting participants:

Panel Chair XA/Anh Huynh

Panel Secretary HSMS/ Theresa Elms

Panel Members DX/Kenny Vassigh

EP/ Eric Darcy

ER/ Kevin Lewis

NC/ Ron Cook, Chris Estrada

USA/ Armon Knight

The following items were discussed:

1. Flight Readiness

  • STS—92 (3A) Post-Flight Support

DX requested that ER provide data on post-flight SAFER GN2 levels (post-flight checkout and present level).

  • STS—97 (4A) Manifest Support

ER will replace the blown pyro valve on SAFER unit S/N 1004 with a new pyro valve (and also on 1003 is there is sufficient time to do so).

  • STS—98 (5A) Manifest Support

ER stated that SAFER SED33105900-309, S/N 1004 and either S/N 1003 or 1006 (depending on how the work goes on S/N 1006) will be flying on STS-98:

EP stated that 3 batteries (SED33105907-305) would be picked from among S/Ns 1024, 1025, 1026, 1027, 1028 or 1030 to fly on STS-98.

DX/Kenny Vassigh will verify with DX/Alan Groskreutz if an On-Orbit Stowage Bag is necessary for stowage on 5A.

NC/Ron Cook asked ER to request a memo from LM/James Shu stating that there are no problems with launching the SAFER in the MPLM.

2. FIAR/DR Closure Status

  • JSC-ER0028, Connectors P2 and P3 Inadvertently Switched in Avionics Box (Open 37 days)

No change.

  • DR TS0030076, SAFER S/N 1006 Failed Rate Check at 0 deg. F (Open 29 days)

No change.

  • JSC-ER0030, SAFER Battery S/N 1026 Missing Fasteners (Open 34 days)

  • JSC-ER0031, SAFER S/N 1003 Open HCM Door during STS-106 Landing &

SAFER S/N 1005 Open HCM Door during STS-106 Landing (Open 34 days)

No change.

  • JSC-ER0032, SAFER Battery Gauge Data Corruption (Open 34 days)

No change.

  • JSC-ER0033, Failure to Detect NSI Condition (Open 32 days)

No change.

  • JSC-ER0034, Battery Thermistor Solder(Open 31 days)

No change.

  • JSC-ER0035, Battery Current Variation (Open 30 days)

No change.

  • TS0030093 (USA FCE DR #SA033002), Engineering Unit Latch Failure (SAFER SED33109103-301, S/N 1001) (Open 24 days)

No change.

  • JSC-ER0036, Pin on the Stud of the Electrical Cover Plate Assy. is Loose (Open 22 days)

No change.

3. Configuration Control

  • Hardware/Software Configurations

No change.

  • CR Implementation

    • CR H-0753 R1 Power Switch Guard Modification

R2 is in work by ER to delay implementation until 6A.

    • CR H-0760 SAFER NBL & 1-G Hi-Fi Mockup Upgrades

Refurbishment and upgrades on Safer Mockup TSED33105900-303 S/N 1001 are in work:

    • Decals are on hand controller are in place

    • Detents to hold hand controller are in place.

    • Hand controller umbilical upgrades are completed.

    • Hand controller tray repairs are completed.

    • Hand controller deployment in work.

    • Delivery date for this mockup will be 11/15/00

Upgrades to SAFER Hi-Fi unit, S/N MU002 is waiting on Dial Latch replacement.

    • CR H-0788, -305 SAFER Battery Design, Fabrication & Implementation

    • CR H-0865, SAFER Thermal Enhancements

The thermal enhancements (-309 configuration) to the SAFER S/N 1003 are scheduled by to be completed by 5A.

Proposed CR’s

    • CR H-0749 R1, SAFER On-Orbit Trainer

Funding has been received for the SAFER on-orbit trainer. ER/Pat McCartney will provide XA will a final cost. DX stated that crew training needs to start 03/01 or 04/01.

    • CR H-0806,-307 Rechargeable Battery CR

Funding will not be provided for the —307 rechargeable battery. There are plans for a "Next Generation SAFER" which will probably not need a dedicated rechargeable battery.

    • CR H-0843, Latch Redesign

On hold until hi-fi mockup latches can be replaced with flight-like latches.

    • Extension of HCM Deployment Actuator and the Manual Isolation Valve Actuator

XA needs redlined comments on the extension CR from ER.

    • IMS Labeling

CR draft in work. SAFER labeling needs to be completed by 7A.

    • On-Orbit Stowage Bag Modifications (Docking Loads)

MV/Dorothy Rasco is working on the problem of locating a subsystem manager. XA stated that if a subsystem manager cannot be found to take over the responsibility, XA will purchase ISS bags that already have their certification.

  1. Issues

The Launch Landing Bag Cushion #528-33548-10 (used on STS-106 and to be used again on STS-97) was reviewed by Gary Morgan and Armon Knight at STS-97 Bench Review. SAFERs 1005 & 1007 were fit checked in the cushion. They observed approximately .5″ clearance around the HCM Slider. No binding was evident.


5. Special Topics


  1. EHB Presentation

  2. None.

  3. CCB Presentation

11/07/00 XA/Anh Huynh to present closure to action on delta V capability, and ER/Kevin Lewis to present closure to action of thermal capability.

  1. PRCB presentation


9. Action Items



Submitted by: Approved by:

(Original signed by) (Original signed by)

Theresa M. Elms Anh H. Huynh

SAFER Panel Secretary USA SAFER Panel Chairman








E. Darcy

F. Davies

Provide a work instruction for inspection of incoming electrical parts.

08/03/00: Assigned. ECD 09/11/00.

08/17/00: New ECD: 09/01/00.

09/07/00: New ECD: TBD.

09/14/00: Work instruction is in review with ER management.

09/21/00: New ECD: 10/26/00.

09/26/00: New ECD: 11/02/00. FIAR will be re-opened if action is not closed by 11/02/00.

11/02/00: Work instruction is in review with EP management. FIAR will be reopened. Closed.


K. Lewis

Provide a ROM on the following new latches:

1 — set of Class I tower latches

3 — sets of Class III tower latches

08/17/00: Assigned. ECD TBD.

09/07/00: New ECD: 09/14/00.

09/28/00: New ECD: 10/05/00.

09/26/00: New ECD: 11/02/00. Close on 11/02/00 if no response is received from ER.

11/02/00: ER provided a ROM of 150K on 09/21/00. Closed.


E. Darcy

EP will present the reduced battery acceptance test requirement (from lesson learned on s/n 1028) to the EHB for information.

09/28/00: Assigned. ECD 10/25/00.

10/26/00: EP will present the reduced battery acceptance test requirement at the 11/01/00 EHB. If not presented on 11/01/00, then action will be transferred to the EHB for closure.

11/02/00: EP presented the reduced battery acceptance test requirement at the 11/01/00 EHB. SAFER-BAT-002 Rev D is in the signature loop. Closed.


K. Lewis

ER will update the SAFER Verification Matrix for both configurations —307 and —309.

10/12/00: Assigned. ECD TBD.

10/26/00: New ECD: 11/22/00. Transfer to EVA Tools Panel.


G. Morgan

K. Lewis

Provide the Launch/Landing Bag configuration for STS-106, STS-101 and STS-96.

Review and compare the configurations to determine how this affects the way the SAFER would experience vibration within the Launch/Landing Bag.

10/12/00: Assigned. ECD TBD.

10/26/00: New ECD: 11/02/00. To be closed if not performed by 11/02/00. Troubleshooting is ER’s responsibility.

11/02/00: ER stated that the foam around the SAFERs appears to be identical for all three

configurations. The only differences seen among the three drawings were the cutout for the items in the bag with SAFER. ER saw nothing to explain why the door would open with one foam configuration and not another. Closed.

SpaceRef staff editor.