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Upcoming NASA Education Events: Solar Week 2008 and ISS EarthKAM Fall 2008 Mission

By SpaceRef Editor
October 20, 2008
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Celebrate Solar Week — Oct. 20-24, 2008

Solar Week provides a weeklong series of Web-based educational classroom activities and games geared for upper elementary, middle and high school students, with a focus on the Sun-Earth connection. Students learn about solar eclipses, sunspots and solar storms through a series of activities, games and lessons.

Solar Week is ideal for students studying the solar system, the stars and astronomy in general. Students will also learn about solar scientists and other science career choices. The Web site is for all students, but it is especially designed to spark the interest of pre- and early-teen girls with activities and interaction with leading scientists at the forefront of Sun-Earth research.

To learn more and to register to participate, visit

ISS EarthKAM Fall 2008 Mission

Middle school educators are invited to join NASA for the International Space Station EarthKAM Fall 2008 Mission on Oct. 28-31, 2008. Find out more about this exciting opportunity that allows students to take pictures of Earth from a digital camera on board the International Space Station.

ISS EarthKAM is a NASA-sponsored project that provides stunning, high-quality photographs of Earth taken from the space shuttle and International Space Station. Since 1996, ISS EarthKAM students have taken thousands of photographs of Earth by using the World Wide Web to direct a digital camera on select spaceflights and, currently, on the International Space Station.

For more information about the project and to register for the upcoming mission, visit the ISS EarthKAM Home Page:

If you have questions about the EarthKAM project, please e-mail

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