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Upcoming ISS Mission Status

By SpaceRef Editor
September 7, 2001
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Excerpt from: 7 September 2001: Felicity Vol. 76, NASA Space Station Program Office [3.1 mb Acrobat file]

International Space Station-Launch Package UF-1


  • Mission duration change from 10+ 0+ 2 days to
    11+ 0+ 2 days approved outside-of-board.
  • FRAM unit #1 vibration test complete 9/4.


  • Return of BMRRM ORU options
    -MPLM return will likely require a waiver to 9. 6 fps
    landing sink rate plus reduces packing flexibility
    for other RSR’s and RSP’s
    -Middeck return would require launch of required
    crew transfer such a seat rail kit or IELK item in
    MPLM to allow for middeck BMRRM bag and
  • Return heat loads requires powering down
    additional hardware before entry
    -150 W reduction required; impact to payload and
    DTOs under review

  • MOD recommendation is to perform the BMRRM
    EVA out of the Shuttle airlock due to ORU size
    and power down limitations
  • Resupply Stowage Rack FOD issue
    -All racks are being cleaned and a combination of
    taping, beta cloth panels and foam blocks will be
    used to block migration paths

    -MPLM will continue cleaning with each rotation
    and will borescope and vacuum behind Y & Z

    -Flight Rule update will include wearing goggles
    and masks while off-loading racks in addition to
    initial module entry

  • Water transfer requirement update being reviewed
    at the 9/20 Generic JOP

  • International Space Station-Launch Package 8A


  • Interim release of S0 As-Built CAD Model.
  • Continuing STS-110 FOR data package review.
  • Signed STS-110 ICA for baselining.
  • Coordinated pre-positioning of ERCA hardware on UF-1
    to off-load STS-110 middeck. Submitting MR.
  • CETA lights delivered for UF-1 stowage & launch.
  • CIDs delivered for UF-1 stowage & launch.
  • Cold plate de-lamination screening/repair completed for S0.
    All DDCUs & MBSUs installed for flight.
  • Successfully completed Delta LSFR. Discussion on final
    launch date planned for 9/13 PRCB.


  • SSAS issues:
  • Re-design & integrated systems test results. FCA starts 9/10.
  • Alignment cones & interfaces out of profile.
  • S0 R2 S/W release & STS-110 PCS Release.
  • Ability to support proposed flight hardware testing.
  • Content for both S0 enhanced stand-alone and MEIT-II
  • Availability to support R2 upload. Current plan delays
    upload till January ’02.
  • External MDM PRs and failures related to S0 & P1 start up.
    Opportunity to test SW with required fixes & flight MDMs.
  • Several interface design & analysis certification issues related to
    MT/CETA hardware. Potential for additional testing & re-design.
  • Delay in delivery of MT Energy Absorbers & TERA due to
    required re-designs. Currently scheduled for 10/14.
  • Airlock & EVA problems noted during STS-104/7A & possible
    impacts to 8A EVAs.
  • EVA Hatch AMPEV delaying depress time.
  • Insufficient O2/N2 mass flow during pre-breath protocol.
  • SW problem affecting use of MCA.
  • Node Stbd SDS valve failed in position preventing sampling
    of Airlock.
  • Recent NBL runs have identified timeline and task issues with
    EVAs 1 & 2. Alternatives under assessment.
  • Recent inputs from MTS strut designers resulted in complex,
    multi-stage installation of Lab & S0 struts impacting EVAs.
    Loads & techniques being assessed to reduce ops impacts.
  • EVA Handrail corrosion and impacts to units already installed
    and continuation of S0 assembly.
  • DDCU capacitor de-bonding issue & related impact to flight
    HW availability.
  • Early MTS Strut deployment test preps have indicated problems.
    Working toward testing with flight bi-pods to determine if
    problems persist.

  • International Space Station-Launch Package UF-2


  • PPWG completed 9-7-01
    -Defining LON Process Requirements for
    MPLM Stowed items

    -Final MPLM Rack Configuration &
    Stowage Constraints

    -Finalized SSPF Final Stow & MPLM Late
    Stow (pad) Requirements

    -Working Fitchecks Planned for SMDP

  • VADAR completed 9/6/01, no major issues
  • Completed FPSR, Current -13 MLE for Ascent and
    -9 on Descent, Does not Include Reserves
  • Signed On-Orbit B/L on 9/4/01
  • Hardware Audit Completed 823 and On Dock
    Delivery Dates Agreed to by Hardware Providers for
    MPLM and Middeck stowed Hardware


  • Currently in Negotiation with RSC-E to support
    Baseline Plan
  • Internal LON Requirements for MPLM Stowage
  • 9A, 11A Offloads

  • International Space Station-Launch Package 9A


  • Updated IDRD. Now in TCM review
  • Completed review of IDRD A-3 (Imagery Plan)
  • Competed review of MIP A-1 (Mass Properties)
  • Identified all manifest changes needed to comply
    with 11A rotation flight. MR’s in progress
  • Developed a plan to launch 4 External TV
    Camera Group (ETVCG’s) displaced by 11A
    rotation. Also included in plan are 4 Wireless
    External Transponder Assembly (WETA)
  • Conducted first JOP for flight 9A (coupled w/11A)


  • None

  • International Space Station-Launch Package 11A


  • Decision was made to proceed with plan
    to rotate the crew on 11A (9/4)
  • IDRD Annex 1 CR out for review
  • Currently reviewing down manifest to
    to determine if utilization requirements
    can be met (15mle)
  • IDRD PP4 CR inputs submitted on 8/31
  • S-BAND Functional Test Complete (8/30)


  • Very little margin for crew timeline.
    Details to be worked with MOD in JOP

  • International Space Station-Launch Package ULF-1


  • MIP Baseline 9/06/01
  • ESP-2 layout complete, includes 3 ORUs,
    4 Video Stanchion Support Assemblies (VSSA)


  • Accessing ULF-1 content and 7A. 1 lessons
    learned to possibly change planned mission
    duration from 10+ 1+ 2 to 11+ 0+ 2.
  • Decision to fly CMG needed by 10/25/01 to avoid
    risk of slipping 11/21/02 launch date. Adding
    CMG will cause significant impact to PLB
    configuration (Hitch Hiker, ESP-2, and MPLM
    payloads), crew training, and APM.


  • SpaceRef staff editor.