Status Report

ULDB launch status – March 7, 2001

By SpaceRef Editor
March 7, 2001
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NSBF is flight ready. We had a brief period of sun today and took advantage
of it. The solar panel test was performed. An end to end TDRSS test was done
while the payload was outside. No problems. The new chute was stretched, and
as expected cable extensions had to be installed. The helium pumping is
complete. Rolling stock was gassed up.

The Flight Readiness Meeting will be held tomorrow morning. Many thanks to
those involved in reviewing the preliminary report back there and getting us
turned on to fly again so quickly. Turning this payload around as quickly as
we did represents a lot of hard work by the lads.

An inspection of the launch area was made. It is saturated, but did not look
as bad as we expected. Still, tomorrow would be impossible. Friday is
unlikely. Saturday……. maybe. We will inspect it daily for signs of
improvement. Clouds moved back in by mid morning so we are not getting any
help from the sun, and it is not very windy (yeah…. why not?). Still real
hard to say when the area will be serviceable. We’re hoping the rain is over
but I don’t like the look of the clouds out there.

The parachute from 495NT was stretched out for inspection by the failure
investigation committee. It’s difficult to tell what caused the chute to
tear. It will be shipped back to the states for further examination if the
committee so desires.

SpaceRef staff editor.