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Today on the ESA TV Service Schedule 27 Feb 2001

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February 27, 2001
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Today’s transmission of the ESA TV Service includes:

27-Feb-01 14:00 – 14:30 GMT

Lunar explorer Video News Release

Pre-event footage for a Convention in Paris

Background information on the transmission:

The 1st Convention of Lunar Explorers will be held 8-10 March 2001 in Paris, at the Palais de la DÈcouverte, organised by LUNEX, the Lunar Explorer’s Society.

A main objective of this convention is to present ESA’s SMART-1 mission to the Moon to the public and the press. The Lunar Explorers Society (LUNEX) is an international organisation created in July 2000, which aims to promote the exploration of the Moon for the benefit of humanity.

SMART-1 is a small and smart mission to the Moon, using ion propulsion to travel to its destination. Its launch is scheduled for 2003.

LUNEX wants to bridge the gap between space agencies and the general public to promote planetary exploration and space. The 1st Convention will allow the discussion of the science of the Moon, technology, future utilisation of the Moon, lunar bases, public outreach and education, lunar and planetary exploration, and the recommendations of Young Lunar Explorers.

Today’s transmission includes background pre-event footage for this event, including 3-D graphics of SMART-1, atmo footage from the Palias de la DÈcouverte n Paris, and soundbites by Bernard Foing and Giovanna Racca from ESA’s SMART-1 programme.

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Transmission details:Eutelsat W1 at 10 degrees east

Transponder B5, dig ch 1, horizontal

F=11.13475 MHz, SR=5.631 MS/sec, FEC=3/4

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