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Today on the ESA TV Service Schedule 1 February 2001

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February 1, 2001
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Today’s transmission of the ESA TV Service includes:

01-Feb-01 14:00 – 14:30 GMT

Destiny Laboratory Overview

Replay NASA Video File

Background information on the transmission:

The launch of Destiny, the US Laboratory of the International Space Station, is now scheduled for 7 February 2001, aboard space shuttle Atlantis. The 1.4 Bio Dollar laboratory will become a centerpiece of scientific utilisation of the station, and the most expensive component.

The shuttle crew will perform three spacewalks to attach Destiny to the station. Then, it will be up to the Expedition One crew living on the station to put it into operation.

Destiny is 8.5 metres long and measures 4.5 metres in diameter. Just 5 centimetres of clearance are left when the Shuttle’s robot arm will lift it out of the cargo bay. The 15-ton module is loaded with computers and equipment to run not only the laboratory’s experiments but the entire space station. The racks with the experiments will arrive on the next shuttle flights. Destiny’s first experiments, this spring, will grow protein crystals and deal with life sciences involving the astronauts. Earth observations are also possible thanks to a 50-cm optical-quality window.

Destiny provides a fourth room for the crew on the space station, giving them more space than was available on Mir.

More important, Destiny will support command and control by NASA’s Mission Control in Houston. Russia’s Mission Control near Moscow has had primary responsibility until now.

Today’s transmission is a replay of NASA’s video file on the Destiny laboratory and the mission STS-98 to launch it, a 20-minutes B-roll with extensive 3-D graphics and recordings of Destiny development. There are also some new in-flight images from the Station in the video file.

The ESA TV Service will also cover the launch live.

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Transmission details:Eutelsat W1 at 10 degrees East

Transponder B5, dig ch 1, horizontal

F=11.13475 MHz, SR=5.632 MS/sec, FEC=3/4

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