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This week’s ESA TV Service coverage: Cassini-Huygens preview

By SpaceRef Editor
June 2, 2004
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In four weeks, Cassini-Huygens will arrive at Saturn to begin a four-year landmark mission investigating the most complex of the planetary systems. Never before, a space probe has been in orbit around Saturn: the images and data we posses are the result of rapid fly-bys.

Cassini-Huygens is a cooperation between NASA, the European Space Agency ESA, and the Italian space agency ASI. It was launched in October 1997.

This week, the ESA TV Service will provide extensive Cassini-Huygens preview coverage:

On 2 June, a 30-minute B-roll with new 3-D graphics, plus recordings of spacecraft development and launch, and of JPL and ESOC from where Cassini-Huygens is operated, is transmitted. The B-roll also includes soundbites by key European scientists participating in the mission (English, French, German and Italian).

On 3 June, a press conference will take place at NASA Headquarters, Washington, with ESA participation, to present the mission and outline milestones and upcoming media activities. Media representatives also gather at ESOC in Darmstadt/Germany, where several project representatives will be present, together with David Southwood, ESA Director of Science.

The ESA TV service will broadcast the press conference live, including an opening statement by David Southwood delivered from ESOC.

Transmission details:

  • 2 June 13:00-13:30 GMT Cassini-Huygens B-roll
  • 3 June 13:45-15:00 GMT ESA/NASA press conference “Cassini-Huygens preview”
  • 3 June 15:00-15:30 GMT Replay Cassini-Huygens B-roll

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