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The latest from NASA’s Earth Observatory 8 May 2007

By SpaceRef Editor
June 5, 2007
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The latest from NASA’s Earth Observatory 8 May 2007

In the News:

* Latest Images:

Rain in the U.S. Midwest

Nyiragongo Vents Steam

November 2006 Smog Event, U.S. Northeast

Reykjavik, Iceland

Sweat Farm Road Fire in Georgia

North Aral Sea Recovery

Drought Shrinks Australia’s Lake Eucumbene

Drought in Southwestern United States

* NASA News

  • – Widespread ‘Twilight Zone’ Detected Around Clouds

* Media Alerts

  • Climate Change Impacts Stream Life
  • Drought Limits Tropical Plant Distributions, Scientists at the Smithsonian


  • Climate Change a Threat to Indonesian Agriculture, Study Says
  • Public Health and Hurricanes
  • Air-Sea Surface Science
  • Seeing the Trees for the Forest

* Headlines from the press, radio, and television:

  • Famous Caymans Coral Reefs Dying, Scientists Say
  • Snowball Fight Erupts Over Frozen Earth Theory
  • Quake Hits Fiji
  • Thousands Homeless After Flooding in Sri Lankan Capital
  • Deal Reached on Climate Change Report
  • Tornado Destroys Kansas Town, Kills Nine
  • Wind Farms Urged to Go Easy on Birds and Bats
  • Deep Tremors May Help Predict Quakes
  • Damage from Hurricanes and Tsunamis Look Strangely Alike
  • Feeling Warmth, Subtropical Plants Move North
  • U.S. Environmental Satellites in Jeopardy, Scientists Say
  • Scientists: Prehistoric Volcanoes Heated Earth
  • Bangkok Faces Flooded Future, Expert Says
  • Research Needed on Impact of Global Warming on Ecosystems
  • U.S. Air Pollution: Less Smog, But More Soot in East
  • Geologists Study Beneath Mount Baker
  • California Snowpack Supply Lowest in 20 Years

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