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The latest from NASA’s Earth Observatory 1 May 2007

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June 5, 2007
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The latest from NASA’s Earth Observatory 1 May 2007

In the News:

* Latest Images:

Drought in Southwestern United States

Fires in Southern Georgia

Kwangju, South Korea

Messina Strait, Italy

Drought in West Africa

Subglacial Lakes, Antarctica

Recovery Ice Stream

First 3-D Vews of the Sun

* NASA News

  • NASA Models Show Trees Can Slow Increase of Atmospheric Carbon
  • NASA’s AIM Mission Soars to the Edge of Space

* Media Alerts

  • Chinese Traffic Restrictions Yield Quick Air Cleansing
  • First Genome Comparison of Plankton Species Yields Surprises Underlying Key

Ocean Processes

  • Models Underestimate Loss of Arctic Sea Ice
  • Ocean’s ‘Twilight Zone’ May Be a Key to Understanding Climate Change
  • Plants Do Not Emit Methane
  • Scientists Link Volcanic Eruptions That Formed North Atlantic Ocean to Ancient

Global Warming

  • Global Warming, Antarctic Ice is Focus of Multi-National Workshop

* Headlines from the press, radio, and television:

  • Arctic Sea Ice Melting Faster Than Predicted
  • Work Remains on Flood Damage to Rainier
  • Earthquake Hits Solomon Islands
  • Australian Cities Facing ‘Big Dry’ Water Shortages
  • Climate Report to Warn That Time Running Out in Greenhouse Gas Battle
  • Moderate Earthquake Strikes England
  • April Weather Set to Break Record
  • Scientists: Prehistoric Volcanoes Heated Earth
  • Fish Growing Faster as Oceans Warm
  • Ice Shrinks, Birds Migrate Early in Warmer Arctic
  • Ocean’s ‘Twilight Zone’ Trap Greenhouse Gases
  • Outdoor Seven-Story Lab Simulates Big Earthquake
  • Texas-Mexico Tornado Death Toll Reaches 10
  • China to Force Rain Ahead of Olympics
  • Researchers Probe Fossilized Rain Forest
  • Storm Piles 16 Inches of Snow on Colorado
  • 2004 Quake Wounded Earth’s Crust

* New Research Highlights

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