Status Report

The InterPlanetary Network Progress Report 42-146 – April-June 2001

By SpaceRef Editor
August 15, 2001
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Joseph H. Yuen

Editor in Chief

August 15, 2001



List of Changes

Quantum Detection Theory for the
Free-Space Channel

V. Vilnrotter and C.-W. Lau

A New Entropy Coding Technique for Data Compression

A. B. Kiely and M. Klimesh

Memory-Efficient Recursive Interleaved Entropy Coding

A. B. Kiely and M. Klimesh

Further Results on a Reduced-Complexity, Highly
Power-/Bandwidth-Efficient Coded Feher-Patented Quadrature-Phase-Shift-Keying
System with Iterative Decoding

M. K. Simon and D. Divsalar

Laboratory Characterization of Silicon Avalanche
Photodiodes (APDs) for Pulse-Position
Modulation (PPM) Detection

M. Srinivasan, J. Hamkins, B. Madden-Woods, A. Biswas, and
J. Beebe

Radio Frequency Fields in Multiple-Cavity Masers

J. Shell

Analysis of a Thick Dichroic Plate with
Arbitrarily Shaped Holes

W. A. Imbriale

Design and Analysis of Landing Trajectories
and Low-Altitude Asteroid Flyovers

D. J. Scheeres

Orbit Determination Uncertainty Distributions and
Mappings in an Unstable Halo Orbit

D. J. Scheeres, D. Han, and Y. Hou

Near Earth Asteroid Rendezvous (NEAR)
Navigation Using Altimeter
Range Observations

J. J. Bordi, J. K. Miller, B. G. Williams, and F. J. Pelletier



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