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Terra Weekly Mission Status Update 25 Oct – 1 Nov 2001

By SpaceRef Editor
November 1, 2001
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There were normal operations for all five instruments during this week. A 30-second drag make-up maneuver was conducted on October 30.

The Mission Operations Center received concurrence from the Terra Science Team for maintenance of a 10:32 a.m. equatorial crossing time. This will require an inclination maneuver in December 2001. This plan avoids any conflicts with the SAC-C satellite.

The Data Lynz site at Fairbanks was successfully exercised this week. Also, a test of the ASTER Direct Downlink (DDL) capability was conducted at the Alaska Ground Station.

Terra Plans:

  • There will be a MODIS roll maneuver on November 5.
  • Polar site demonstration for Aqua. This demonstration consists of seven consecutive passes of Terra data in an effort to emulate Aqua operations.

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