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Terra Weekly Mission Status Update 24 Jan – 1 Feb 2002

By SpaceRef Editor
February 17, 2002
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Mission Systems

The final report on the recent EOS Operations Center (EOC) local area network anomalies and the corrective network reconfiguration is being written. No network anomalies have occurred since January 17, when a bad processor card on the backup network router was replaced. A minor network equipment upgrade will be performed in next few weeks to bring EOC routers up to current hardware/software revision levels.

The MOSS 6 / JEM4 test was conducted this week. No significant mission support problems or issues came out of the test. A few minor operational problems with the EOS Data and Operations System and the SKS ground station were experienced and are being investigated. They appear to be attributable to operator error. Preparations for the SCIF-4 test are complete, and all systems are ready for the test next week.


The Terra spacecraft is in nominal mode. All instruments are in nominal science mode.

Planning is proceeding toward executing the second in the series of Inclination Adjust Burns for Terra on February 6, 2002. The original January 16 date for the second maneuver was postponed to allow implementation of a two-phase network reconfiguration to mitigate the sporadic network problems that were affecting Terra ground elements within the EOC.

The first in a series of 2-day tests using Terra to simulate the Aqua science data load on the Polar Ground Network will commence on February 4, ending shortly before prep for the inclination Adjust Maneuver on February 6. Testing will continue at roughly 16-day intervals (i.e., the Terra ground track repeat cyc»`¢Ð9 for the next several months.

TDRS 275 was unable to support a Terra contact on Tuesday, January 29, 2002, as a result of a fiber optic cable anomaly at Guam. Also on January 29, a commercial power outage in the Fairbanks, Alaska, area resulted in missed proficiency passes at the PF1 polar site. None of these missed events resulted in any non-recoverable data loss.

Terra certification of the commercial ground site at Norway resumed with the resolution of problems with the DataLynx antenna mechanism. Certification activities have been very successful. The antenna will be shadowing passes as a backup during the ground network test starting on February 4.


  • 2nd Inclination Adjust Maneuver (February 6)
  • Terra-based Aqua GN Science Data Loading Test (February 4-6)
  • MODIS calibration roll maneuver (February 1)

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