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STS-98 Landing Weather Forecasts for Monday 19 Feb 2001

By SpaceRef Editor
February 19, 2001
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Issued: 2:00 p.m. EST/ Sunday, February 18, 2001

KSC Synopsis: High pressure will dominate weather over Florida Monday.
There is some threat of low clouds from the easterly wind flow, but
otherwise conditions appear favorable for landing.

Kennedy Space Center Shuttle Landing Facility:

Valid: 1:27 P.M. EST / MONDAY, FEBRUARY 19, 2001

Clouds: Scattered clouds at 4,000 feet, chance of becoming broken

Visibility: 7 miles

Wind: ESE/12 knots, gusts to18 knots

Temperature: 73 degrees

Dew Point: 56 degrees

Relative Humidity: 53%

Precipitation: None.

Edwards Air Force Base/NASA Dryden Flight Research Center:

Valid: 4:21 P.M. EST / MONDAY / FEBRUARY 19, 2001

Clouds: Broken clouds at 5,000 feet

Broken clouds at 8,000 feet

Visibility: 7 miles

Wind: SW/12 knots, gusts to 20 knots

Precipitation: Chance of rain showers within 30 nautical miles

Forecast by NOAA National Weather Service Space Flight Meteorology Group

SpaceRef staff editor.