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STS-92 Landing Weather Forecast for October 22, 2000

By SpaceRef Editor
October 19, 2000
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KSC Synopsis:   A surface high pressure ridge extending along the Atlantic
coast from NY to FL will cause northeast surface winds at KSC with peaks
approaching the 15 knot crosswind limit at landing time on Sunday
afternoon.  The threat of broken low clouds and showers is not high on
Sunday but increases on Monday.  Northeast surface winds are also expected
to increase on Monday along with the threat of a crosswind violation.

Kennedy Space Center Shuttle Landing Facility –  2:12 PM EDT Sunday


            4,000 feet scattered

                      25,000 feet broken

Visibility: 7 miles

Wind:  NE at 10 knots, peaks to 15 knots


82 degrees

     Dew Point: 72

     Relative Humidity: 61%

Precipitation:  None expected

Edwards Air Force Base:


           6,000 few

                        10,000 broken

                        25,000 broken

Visibility:  7 miles

Wind:  NE at15 knots, gusts to 25 knots

Forecast prepared by NOAA National Weather Service Space Flight
Meteorology Group 

SpaceRef staff editor.