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STS-107 Preparations Continue

By SpaceRef Editor
January 6, 2003
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STS-107 Preparations Continue

Preparations are under way at Launch Pad 39A at Kennedy Space Center, Fla., for the lift off of STS-107 — a 16-day mission devoted to microgravity research. Monday, workers were closing out Space Shuttle Columbia’s Main Engine compartment and preparing for the installation of spacesuits. They also performed leak checks.

Later this week, workers will install explosive bolts that are used during launch and Solid Rocket Booster and External Tank separation. Space Shuttle Program Managers will meet for the Flight Readiness Review on Thursday at Kennedy Space Center.

No inspections are scheduled for Columbia in response to a crack found in a ball associated with a tie rod assembly in an oxygen line in Space Shuttle Discovery. No cracks have been found in Atlantis and Endeavour, and evaluations continue on the crack found in Discovery.

Columbia is slated to lift off no earlier than Jan. 16.

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