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Statement from the President on the National Space Policy

By SpaceRef Editor
December 9, 2020
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The new National Space Policy is my plan for how the executive branch will advance United States interests in space for the benefit of the American people.  By charting a clear course for United States space activities, this policy reaffirms our leadership in the space domain and our status as the world’s foremost spacefaring nation.

This policy represents a whole-of-government approach that recognizes space as a national imperative.  After years of drift, my Administration revived the United States space enterprise to once again unleash our unmatched pioneering potential.  In particular, I am proud that my Administration oversaw the restoration of our capability to transport American astronauts to space on American rockets from American soil.  Through our Artemis program, the United States is working hand-in-hand with commercial and international partners to return to the Moon—this time to stay—and prepare for the next great American adventure, the giant leap to Mars.

Moving forward, the United States will proudly encourage and facilitate the continued growth of an American commercial space sector that generates new markets and promotes entrepreneurship while furthering core United States interests.

The National Space Policy also directs the United States to continue to adapt its national security strategy to defeat aggression and protect national interests in space.  As part of this effort, the newly created sixth branch of our Armed Forces, the Space Force, will enhance the capabilities of our Armed Forces to protect our freedom of operation in, from, and to space.

Under this new policy, the United States will advance our national interests in space and lead a new era of permanent human presence in space on the Moon, Mars, and beyond.

To view the National Space Policy, click here.

SpaceRef staff editor.