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Stardust Status Report September 28, 2001

By SpaceRef Editor
September 28, 2001
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There was one Deep Space Network tracking pass in the past week and all of
Stardust’s subsystems are performing normally. New commands were sent to the
spacecraft and will go active this weekend.

The Encounter Action Item Review was completed for the action items that
resulted from the workshop held in May of this year. Thirteen of the
thirty-three action items have been completed, and many of the remaining
items’ action plans have been drafted, and will be completed during the
next six months.

Education and Public Outreach (E/PO) has recorded all of its activities
this year in the NASA EDCAT’s (Education Evaluation System) web site as
required by NASA E/PO.

The Imaging Science Lead supported the very successful Deep Space 1 flyby
of Comet Borrelly as part of the DS1 team that produced models of cometary
dust production and surface brightness. This was an excellent opportunity
to obtain operational experience, since the same functions will be required
as Stardust approaches Comet Wild 2 in 2004.

For more information on the Stardust mission — the first ever
comet sample return mission — please visit the Stardust home page:

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