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Stardust Status Report 04-14-2000

By SpaceRef Editor
April 14, 2000
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There were two Deep Space Network (DSN) tracking passes during the
past week. All subsystems are performing normally. Interstellar dust
collection is continuing and the grid collection angle was updated to
keep the grid perpendicular to the interstellar dust stream.

Flight sequence SC017 was successfully transmitted to the spacecraft and
will go active on April 24.

The STARDUST Project management, including Education and Public
Outreach (E/PO), participated in the 3 day NASA Discovery Office
Workshop to explain the roles and responsibilities of the NASA
Discovery Office, to review all Discovery projects, and to review
lessons learned for development, operations and E/PO.

A presentation was made to the California State University of
Northridge Department of Physics and Astronomy about comets in
general and the STARDUST Project.

For more information on the STARDUST mission – the first ever
comet sample return mission – please visit the STARDUST home page:

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