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Spiders: Water-Driven Erosive Structures in the Southern Hemisphere of Mars

By SpaceRef Editor
August 22, 2006
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Spiders: Water-Driven Erosive Structures in the Southern Hemisphere of Mars

Aug 2006, Vol. 6, No. 4: 651-667

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Recent data from space missions reveal that there are ongoing climatic changes and erosive processes that continuously modify surface features of Mars. We have investigated the seasonal dynamics of a number of morphological features located at Inca City, a representative area at high southern latitude that has undergone seasonal processes. By integrating visual information from the Mars Orbiter Camera on board the Mars Global Surveyor and climatic cycles from a Mars’ General Circulation Model, and considering the recently reported evidence for the presence of water-ice and aqueous precipitates on Mars, we propose that a number of the erosive features identified in Inca City, among them spiders, result from the seasonal melting of aqueous salty solutions.

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