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Spaceline/NASA Space Life Science Current Awareness – 9 March 2001

By SpaceRef Editor
March 9, 2001
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Shinder ME, Purcell IM, Kaufman GD, Perachio AA.
Vestibular efferent neurons project to the flocculus.
Brain Res. 2001 Jan 19;889(1-2):288-94.
(PI: A.A. Perachio)

Tlsty TD, Hein PW.
Know thy neighbor: stromal cells can contribute oncogenic signals.
Curr Opin Genet Dev. 2001 Feb 1;11(1):54-9.
(PI: T.D. Tlsty)

DiZio P, Lackner JR.
Coriolis-force-induced trajectory and endpoint deviations in the reaching
movements of labyrinthine-defective subjects.
J Neurophysiol. 2001 Feb;85(2):784-9.
(PI: J.R. Lackner)

Simpson ML, Sayler GS, Patterson G, Nivens DE, Bolton EK, Rochelle JM, Arnott
JC, Applegate BM, Ripp S, Guillorn MA.
An integrated CMOS microluminometer for low-level luminescence sensing in the
bioluminescent bioreporter integrated circuit.
Sens Actuat B Chem. 2001 Jan 25;72(2):134-40.
(PIs: M.L. Simpson and G.S. Sayler)

Clark GB, Thompson G, Roux SJ.
Signal transduction mechanisms in plants: an overview.
Curr Sci. 2001 Jan 25;80(2):170-7.
(PI: S.J. Roux)

Tripathi RK, Wilson JW, Cucinotta FA.
Medium modified two-body scattering amplitude from proton-nucleus total
Nucl Instrum Methods Phys Res B. 2001 Feb;173(4):391-6.
(PI: J.W. Wilson)

Henry SM, Fung J, Horak FB.
Effect of stance width on multidirectional postural responses.
J Neurophysiol. 2001 Feb;85(2):559-70.
(PIs: F.B. Horak and B.W. Peterson: NASA/NIH NSCORT in Vestibular Research)

Kirkpatrick AW, Dulchavsky SA, Boulanger BR, Campbell MR, Hamilton DR, Dawson
DL, Williams DR.
Extraterrestrial resuscitation of hemorrhagic shock: fluids.
J Trauma. 2001 Jan;50(1):162-8. No abstract available.

White RJ, Averner M.
Humans in space.
Nature. 2001 Feb 22;409(6823):1115-8.

Harlow HJ, Lohuis T, Beck TD, Iaizzo PA.
Muscle strength in overwintering bears [letter]
Nature. 2001 Feb 22;409(6823):997.

Linnarsson D.
[Optimal lung function in a spinning laboratory. Medical space research results
in clinical spin-off-effect].
Lakartidningen. 2000 Dec 6;97(49):5807-10. Swedish. No abstract available.

Angotti CM, Chan WT, Sample CJ, Levine MS.
Combined dietary and exercise intervention for control of serum cholesterol in
the workplace.
Am J Health Promot. 2000 Sep-Oct;15(1):9-16.

Nagy E, Bognar L, Csengery A, Almasi A, Bencze G.
Effect of microgravitation on the human equilibrium.
Int Tinnitus J. 2000;6(2):120-3.

Blum JS, Li RH, Mikos AG, Barry MA.
An optimized method for the chemiluminescent detection of alkaline phosphatase
levels during osteodifferentiation by bone morphogenetic protein 2.
J Cell Biochem. 2001 Mar 15;80(4):532-7.

Yamashita T, Sekiya I, Kawaguchi N, Kawaguchi N, Kashimada K, Nifuji A,
Nabeshima YI, Nabeshima YI, Noda M.
Klotho-deficient mice are resistant to bone loss induced by unloading due to
sciatic neurectomy.
J Endocrinol. 2001 Feb;168(2):347-51.

Proshchina AE, Besova NV, Voronov KA, Gulimova V, Serova LV, Savel’ev SV.
Morphogenesis of asymmetry of rat brain nuclei under normal conditions and
during exposure to microgravitation.
Bull Exp Biol Med. 2000 Sep;130(9):908-11.

Kori AA, Schmid-Priscoveanu A, Straumann D.
Vertical divergence and counterroll eye movements evoked by whole-body position
steps about the roll axis of the head in humans.
J Neurophysiol. 2001 Feb;85(2):671-8.

Holm AN, Rich A, Sarr MG, Farrugia G.
Whole cell current and membrane potential regulation by a human smooth muscle
mechanosensitive calcium channel.
Am J Physiol Gastrointest Liver Physiol. 2000 Dec;279(6):G1155-61.

Brown M, Fisher JS, Hasser EM.
Gonadectomy and reduced physical activity: effects on skeletal muscle.
Arch Phys Med Rehabil. 2001 Jan;82(1):93-7.

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