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Space Shuttle Status Report 6 October 2000 3:48 PM EDT

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October 6, 2000
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MISSION: STS-92 – 5th ISS Flight (3A) – Z-1 Truss, PMA-3

LOCATION: Launch Pad 39A

KSC LAUNCH DATE/TIME: No earlier than Oct. 9, 2000 at about 8:05 p.m. EDT

TARGET KSC LANDING DATE/TIME: Oct. 20, 2000 at about 3:17 p.m.

LAUNCH WINDOW: No more than 5 minutes


CREW: Duffy, Melroy, Wakata, Chiao, Wisoff, Lopez-Alegria, McArthur

ORBITAL ALTITUDE and INCLINATION: 177 nautical miles/51.6 degrees

Completed Shuttle Processing: Following a decision last night to replace a
suspect valve on Discovery’s main propulsion system (MPS), workers rolled
the Rotating Service Structure back around the vehicle at Launch Pad 39A.
This morning, engineers drained cryogenics from Discovery’s onboard storage
tanks and began establishing worker access into the orbiter’s aft

This afternoon, technicians will begin the planned 12-hour process of
replacing the liquid oxygen system valve. Following a successful valve
replacement, workers will conduct leak checks as part of planned retests
tomorrow. Workers will closeout the aft compartment for flight on Saturday.
On Sunday morning, engineers plan to reload Discovery’s onboard cryogenic
storage tanks and begin final preparations to pickup the launch countdown.
The countdown is scheduled to resume at the T-11 hour mark at 5:10 a.m.
Monday. Shuttle managers plan to reconvene Monday morning to assess
resolution of the MPS valve and orbiter/external tank separation bolt issues
and to review launch weather conditions.

Air Force weather forecasters indicate a 70 percent chance that weather
could violate Monday’s launch attempt. The forecast calls for clouds to be
scattered to broken at 3,000 feet; visibility at 7 miles; launch pad winds
from the north at 15 peaking to 20 knots; temperature at 68 degrees F;
relative humidity at 51 percent; and no precipitation. The primary concern
is for cross winds at the Shuttle Landing Facility in the event of an
emergency landing, and low cloud ceilings.


Commander (CDR): Brian Duffy

Pilot (PLT): Pamela Melroy

Mission Specialist (MS1): Leroy Chiao

Mission Specialist (MS2): Bill McArthur

Mission Specialist (MS3): Jeff Wisoff

Mission Specialist (MS4): Michael Lopez-Alegria

Mission Specialist (MS5): Koichi Wakata


Monday, Oct. 9

7:30 a.m. Crew wake up

*3:05 p.m. Snack and photo

3:35 p.m. Weather briefing (CDR, PLT, MS2)

3:35 p.m. Don flight suits (MS1, MS3, MS4, MS5)

*3:45 p.m. Don flight suits (CDR, PLT, MS2)

*4:15 p.m. Depart for launch pad

*4:45 p.m. Arrive at white room and begin ingress

*6 p.m. Close crew hatch

*8:05 p.m. Launch

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