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Space Shuttle Status Report (3 p.m. EST)

By SpaceRef Editor
December 20, 1999
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MISSION: STS-103 – 3rd Hubble Space Telescope Servicing Mission

VEHICLE: Discovery/OV-103

LOCATION: On orbit

OFFICIAL LAUNCH DATE/TIME: December 19 at 7:50 p.m. EST

TARGET LANDING DATE/TIME: December 27 at about 5:24 p.m. EST

MISSION DURATION: about 7 days, 21 hours and 34 minutes; with 3 EVAs

CREW: Brown, Kelly, Smith, Foale, Grunsfeld, Nicollier, Clervoy

ORBITAL ALTITUDE and INCLINATION: 317 nautical miles/28.45 degrees

Work in progress: Space Shuttle Discovery continues to perform very well on
orbit as the flight crew prepares to rendezvous with, grapple and service
the Hubble Space Telescope. Following Discovery’s launch last night,
workers completed a preliminary walk down of Launch Pad 39B. Inspectors
report only minimal damage at the pad.

Just before noon today, the solid rocket booster recovery ships began towing
operations and are expected to arrive at Hangar AF Tuesday at about 4:30
a.m. Both boosters are reported to be in good condition following last
night’s splashdown in the Atlantic Ocean.


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