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Space Shuttle Status Report 23 October 2000

By SpaceRef Editor
October 23, 2000
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MISSION: STS-92 – 5th ISS Flight (3A) – Z-1 Truss, PMA-3

Landing Delay

LOCATION: On orbit

KSC LAUNCH DATE/TIME: Oct. 11, 2000 at 7:17 p.m. EDT

KSC LANDING DATE/TIME: Oct. 24, 2000 at about 3:28 p.m. EDT

MISSION DURATION: 12 days, 20 hours and 11 minutes

CREW: Duffy, Melroy, Wakata, Chiao, Wisoff, Lopez-Alegria, McArthur

ORBITAL ALTITUDE and INCLINATION: 177 nautical miles/51.6 degrees

Shuttle Processing: Flight controllers in Houston, TX, waived off all
Shuttle landing opportunities today because of unacceptable weather
conditions both at the KSC Shuttle Landing Facility and at Edwards Air Force
Base, CA.

Conditions at the SLF today included winds from the northeast gusting up to
24 knots, low cloud ceilings and rain showers within 30 nautical miles.

Today’s final landing opportunities were at EAFB, so flight controllers
turned their attention to weather in that vicinity. Low cloud ceilings
prevented a landing on the first Edwards opportunity. Though hopeful that
conditions would improve, weather officials observed rain showers with in 30
nautical miles of runway 22 at EAFB on the final Edwards opportunity. With
three landing opportunities currently considered viable on Tuesday, mission
managers decided to keep Discovery’s seven-member crew in space another day.

Forecasters expect low cloud ceilings, high cross winds and rain showers at
KSC tomorrow, but conditions at EAFB are expected to improve. Mission
managers will assess the following landing opportunities on Tuesday:

KSC 201 2:21 p.m. 3:28 p.m.
EAFB 202 3:52 p.m. 4:59 p.m.
EAFB 203 5:29 p.m. 6:35 p.m.

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