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Space Shuttle Processing Status 26 Nov 2001

By SpaceRef Editor
November 26, 2001
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MISSION: STS-108 – 12th ISS Flight (UF1) – MPLM

VEHICLE: Endeavour/OV-105

TARGET KSC LAUNCH DATE/TIME: Nov. 29, 2001 at 7:41 p.m.

TARGET KSC LANDING DATE/TIME: Dec. 10, 2001 at 3:16 p.m.

MISSION DURATION: 10 days, 20 hours

CREW: Gorie, Kelly, Godwin, Tani; (ISS up) Onufrienko, Bursch, Walz; (ISS
down) Culbertson, Dezhurov, Tyurin

ORBITAL INSERTION ALTITUDE and INCLINATION: 122 nautical miles/51.6 degrees

Shuttle Processing Note: Preparations are continuing on schedule for the
launch of STS-108 on Thursday, Nov. 29. At Pad B, final payload closeouts
and aft confidence checks are in progress The payload doors will be closed
late this afternoon and the launch team will report on station this evening,
ready to pick up the final countdown at the T-43 hour mark at 11 p.m. Over
the weekend, the aft doors were closed Saturday night and final payload
closeouts continued on Sunday. Last night, several hours after they arrived
at KSC, STS-108 crewmembers Linda Godwin, Dan Tani, Carl Walz and Dan Bursch
came to the launch pad to participate in crew compartment cable checks and
sharp edge inspections in the payload bay.

Air Force forecasters indicate a 40 percent chance of weather prohibiting
the launch on Nov. 29, with the possibility of showers/thunderstorms in the
KSC area. They predict scattered clouds above 2,000 feet with a visibility
of seven miles at launch time.

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