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Space Florida Space Tourism Marketing Plan

By SpaceRef Editor
March 9, 2014
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Space Florida Space Tourism Marketing Plan

Space Florida’s objective for the space tourism marketing appropriation is to define and develop the scope of space tourism throughout the state of Florida. Breaking the plan into three phases will allow us to address the different needs and goals of the aerospace industry. Each stage of this plan includes specific tactics with messaging relevant to the targeted demographic, as well as built in opportunities to measure reach, effectiveness and the return on investment of each individual tactic.

Phase I will re-engage our targeted demographic and renew their enthusiasm in space through current space-related tourism activities. Although there are no longer shuttle launches, the space industry is just as relevant. By capitalizing on the branding and nostalgia of space history, we will have the opportunity to promote future space travel opportunities while engaging people through current space-related activities. Whether its visits to the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, a ride on Zero G gravity plane, or developing new business opportunities, Florida is the place for space.

Phase II will begin the shift fiom space-related tourism to actual “space tourism” by partnering with the organizations involved in this transition in conjunction with Florida’s branding of space tourism as human space flight, for pleasure, business or educational opportunities. Defining and promoting the limitless possibilities of space tourism creates a consumer reach that targets millions.

Phase III will begin in anticipation of the first human space flight. The excitement we’ve been building through the first two phases of space tourism marketing will culminate when space vehicles begin taking tourists to explore space. Florida will be known, not only for the history of the nation’s space program, but as the place where private citizens can experience space flight for themselves.

The attached document titled: Space Tourism Strategies & Activities, identifies a three phase approach to the proposed plan which is based on a five year strategy.

Full document: Space Florida Space February 3 FY 2014 Tourism Report DEO Deliverables, Space Florida

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