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SOHO Weekly Meeting Minutes Week 11, March 11, 2002

By SpaceRef Editor
March 11, 2002
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1. Announcements
* If TDRS launches between March 8-11 then there will be no maneuvers
until the end of May. If TDRSS is delayed, there may be maneuvers in
late March or early April.

* PEPCO will be performing maintenance on a power feeder to
GSFC between 10 UT on 16 March and 23 UT on 17 March. No
impact is expected.

* On Saturday, 16 March GSFC Building 21 will have a power outage
for renovation connection work.

2. Operations Constraints
* Commanding schedule for the week (weekend may change due to TDRSS):

Monday – D66 until 18:30 UT, then D27.
Tuesday – D27 all day.
Wedesday – Gap from 15:30-18 UT, D27 pass starts at 22 UT.
Thursday – D27 from 17-19 UT.
Friday – D66 until 18 UT then D/L only station.
Saturday – Gap until 18 UT then D27.
Sunday – Command by 15:30 UT on D66 or on D27 after 19 UT.

3. Coordinated Observations
M Mar 11 (W11)
T Mar 12
W Mar 13
T Mar 14
F Mar 15
S Mar 16
S Mar 17

Other activities for Week 11:
* Week 11 JOP136 Default HESSI Collaboration (#6850), POC: Stein Haugan
* Week 11/12/13 Intercal 1, CDS/EIT, POC: Terje Fredvik
* Mar 8-17 UVCS Observations of North Polar Hole and High Latitude
Southern Coronal Hole
* Mar 12-25 JOP118 Sunspot Oscillations, CDS/TRACE, 10.5 hours per day,
POC: Olav Kjeldseth-Moe, Terje Fredvik (TBC)

Targets of Opportunity (TOO):

Submodes: Submode 6

Planners for Week 11:
CDS — Terje Fredvik MDI — Sarah Gregory
EIT — Alex Young SUMER — not observing
LASCO — Ops Team UVCS — Mari Paz Miralles
TRACE — Dick Shine

Relevant Notes
CDS: JOP118 all week. CDS will also do JOP118 on Monday on AR 9856.
If DSN schedule allows, ICAL01 might be scheduled one day this week
following JOP118.

UVCS: Coronal hole observations and synoptics.

LASCO: C2/C3 synoptics.

EIT: 195 CME watch and synoptics.

MDI: Full disk magnetograms and doppergrams.

TRACE: Active region tracking Monday. Tuesday TRACE will begin JOP118

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