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SOHO Daily Meeting Minutes for Thursday, 13 June 2002

By SpaceRef Editor
June 13, 2002
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* There will be visitors in the EOF today at 11am

* RHESSI target for today is AR 9987; target for tomorrow
is TBD.

* VAULT launch is Friday 14 June at 18:10 UT. Pointing is
tentatively 60E10N.

* EIT will do a bakeout over the weekend, ending Tuesday.

* Commanding times for next week:

Monday – Lunchtime gap followed by D27 in the afternoon.
Tuesday – D27 until 21 UT then D34.
Wedesday – Commanding is good all day.
Thursday – D27 all day.
Friday – Commanding is good all day.
Saturday – Commanding is good all day.
Sunday – D27 until 21 UT then D46.

Spacecraft Status: Nominal

Spacecraft Anomalies: None

Accomplished Activities: VIRGO, CELIAS, New Tracking Star

Planned Activities: NOM HGA, VIRGO, CELIAS

Upcoming Operations: None

Ground Anomalies:
164/0809 15 minute TM dropout. D66. CS Supervisor s/w upgrade.
Recoverablility unknown.

06/12 DOY 163 – 06/13 DOY 164

EIT daily On-Line Solar Status and observations:

LASCO daily On-Line Solar Status and observations:

Web Page for Planning:

CDS: Nominal. Sunspot study on AR9991, engineering, and
JOP146. Tomorrow: sunspot studies, JOP148, JOP146.

UVCS: Nominal. Coronal hole observations. Tomorrow: star

LASCO: Nominal. C2/C3 synoptics, supporting JOP159.

EIT: Nominal. 195 CME watch and synoptic, supporting
VAULT tomorrow with synoptic set and 304A subfield series.
Bakeout starts Saturday early morning, assuming VAULT has
been launched.

MDI: Nominal. Full disk magnetograms and dopplergrams.
Doing campaign test today and VAULT support tomorrow.

TRACE: Nominal. Continued support for JOP146 target SW limb.
Tomorrow – High cadence 171 support for VAULT and JOP146.

SpaceRef staff editor.