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SMART-1 Status Report 29 September 2003

By SpaceRef Editor
October 1, 2003
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SMART-1 Status Report 29 September 2003
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At about 40 hours of Mission Elapsed Time (starting from Launch), the
commissioning of the SMART-1 spacecraft is proceeding nominally.

The spacecraft automatic activation went perfectly, including the opening of the
solar panels and its orientation towards the Sun in Safe mode. Right thereafter,
the flight control team requested the spacecraft to send data at ‘high rate’ so
all possible information could be received on the ground for further analysis.

Next the commissioning of the spacecraft subsystems were started.
The commissioning was performed to verify that the system was working properly
and to tune some parameters that needed to be adjusted to orbit conditions. A
small correction was also needed in the way the software handles the so-called
Single Event Upsets, generated by the radiation environment into the Random
Access Memory.

Monday 29 September at 15:30 UTC the pre-commissioning of the first scientific
instrument was completed: D-CIXS. The instrument PI team received and
analysed calibration data and found them nominal.

The scheduled commissioning phase will be continued. The Electric Propulsion
activation and commissioning will probably start as planned on Tuesday 30

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