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Seeking Offers to Digitally Disseminate NASA Motion Picture Film, Photographs, Video, Exhibits and Other Media

By SpaceRef Editor
April 21, 2004
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  • Solicitation Number: 06-04-2004-HBD
  • Posted Date: Apr 20, 2004
  • Original Response Date: Jun 04, 2004
  • Current Response Date: Jun 04, 2004
  • Original Archive Date: Apr 20, 2005
  • Current Archive Date: Apr 20, 2005
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  • Contracting Office Address NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center, NASA Headquarters Acquisition Branch, Code 210.H, Greenbelt, MD 20771


Statement of Purpose The National Aeronautics and Space Administration seeks an unfunded collaboration or collaborations for creating the ability to easily access archives of NASA’s digital and analog visual media, managing that newly created archive, and providing the Internet interfaces to disseminate that archive widely.      

NASA is interested in reviewing proposals from organizations that share NASA’s mission, values, and goals, and that would strategically enhance the Agency’s ability to provide information on NASA’s projects and missions to the public via these media.    

For more information on NASA’s vision and mission, please see It is intended that this request for entrepreneurial offers will result in the establishment of one or more non-reimbursable agreements that will define the full roles and responsibilities of NASA and the proposing organization(s). Similarly, one proposer could represent a consortium. Scope Much of NASA’s imagery collection is in analog format.      

This collaboration (or collaborations) would allow NASA analog and digital assets of motion picture films, photography, exhibit and graphic design material and video (with appropriate audio) from a variety of NASA sources, to be searched, digitized and disseminated via the Internet by a searchable database.    

The database would contain imagery metadata to NASA specifications, with thumbnails for still images, exhibit and graphic material, and low resolution streaming video for video and film previews.    

Collaborators would be responsible for providing the necessary security to prevent unauthorized access to NASA systems as well as all software or hardware necessary for remote access of existing systems, if required. (This would include protecting the integrity of the content and to prevent the system from being compromised in ways that threaten the availability of the material or which might embarrass the Agency, e.g., to have the site hacked and content replaced with Web “graffiti.”) NASA would offer access to NASA’s various physical and electronic archives as part of this collaboration. In addition, NASA spacecraft, science instruments, as well as other means, will provide a continued source of high-resolution digital imagery.    

This database would contain a percentage of these NASA assets with special focus on historical, educational, and commercially viable material for both NASA and the corporate partner. Each of the ten NASA Centers and Headquarters have original imagery.    

For instance, there is over 115,000 film and video titles and over 2 million still images that document NASA space missions, astronaut training, flight hardware development, aeronautical research, and other key Center activities.      

It is anticipated that this database might serve as the “official” Agency database providing imagery that is searchable and retrievable through one Internet source for a period of 3 years from the successful completion of the milestones and fully integrated database.      

The term of this agreement is five years.    

This includes the initial 2-year period to develop the database, followed by the 3-year period for the operation, maintenance and management of the database.    

NASA will consider proposals to extend the term of the agreement for an additional two years, and the total term of this agreement shall not exceed 7 years. Benefits to Corporate Partners In exchange for the creation and facilitation of the digital dissemination and database of NASA imagery, NASA may consider negotiating brand placement, limited exclusivity, such as “official site” designation, and other opportunities as part of this collaboration.    

Creative concepts from the proposer regarding this opportunity will be considered by NASA, along with the effect that these concepts would have on ongoing programs and projects.     For instance, those concepts with minimal NASA labor requirements or with minimal negative impact to the NASA organization and projects will have a higher probability of acceptance.      

Consideration only will be given to those offers that are commensurate with the value of the above, and that reflect NASA mission, values and goals.      

NASA Requirements and Evaluation Criteria NASA is looking for a collaborator to deliver the following:

” Database containing a percentage of NASA imagery assets, as described under “Scope.” ” Low-resolution imagery free of charge to the general public, “breaking news” images to the media for a limited time, and limited amounts of material to educators and educational institutions.    

” High-resolution imagery and database access to NASA personnel, including those working on NASA projects, free of charge. ” Ability to integrate the low-resolution database with the NASA’s public Web portal, in accordance with the portal’s information architecture and taxonomy.    

(For more information, contact Brian Dunbar at 202/358-0873). ” Schedule and milestones for delivering the database. ” Compliance with appropriate Code of Federal Regulations, e.g. the handling of NASA originals (CFR 36, 1232.20, page 625, and a pamphlet entitled, “managing Audiovisual Records” at, and with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1972) ” Monthly status report with metrics. ” Quarterly review meetings.
Evaluation Criteria Overview:    

Proposals will be evaluated on the capabilities to provide this product and service, the viability of the organization, the level of the team’s experience, the documented experience and success in digital asset management, including but not limited to, digitizing, archiving and controlled dissemination, and the milestones for the completion of the database and its ongoing management plan.    

All proposals will be evaluated on the documented success of the organization in the following areas:

Technical Ability and Experience:

1. Ability to provide imagery, some without charge as stated above, without compromising the organization’s commercial viability.    

2. Success in digitizing analog media, to create and manage a high quantity, easily searchable database of imagery, both still, motion and graphics material, and corresponding metadata, with

Internet interfaces. Management Ability:

1. Ability to schedule and meet realistic milestones.      

2. Management team experience (include information on location, points of contact and top-level organizational structure.) 3. Projected schedule and milestones for accomplishing project.

Financial Stability:

1. Strength of market analysis and strategy analysis.

2. Strength of financial plan and evidence of financial stability (include annual audits, balance sheets and appropriate documentation.)


1. Level of NASA assets and resources requested for the collaboration.

2. Level of prestige of the organization, company and/or other government agency represented, and how its strategy, mission statement, values and goals reflect NASA’s.

3. Level of additional value and benefits offered to NASA. Instructions Submittals should address all the areas to be evaluated as stated under “NASA Requirements and Evaluation Criteria.” The proposal also must identify what the proposer expects NASA to provide in terms of assets and opportunities for the collaboration, as outlined in the section entitled, “Benefits to Corporate Partner.”    

This request will be open for six weeks following date of release of this announcement.    

All proposals must be received by Friday, June 4, 2004, 4:30 p.m. Eastern, to be considered.    

Submittals should be limited to no more than 15 pages, double-spaced, 1″ margins using Times New Roman 12-point type.    

Exceptions to the 15-page limitation are documentation regarding factor 2 under “Financial Stability.”    

Submission may be in either hard-copy format or on compact disk in PDF format.    

Submission must be received at the address indicated below no later than 4:30 p.m. Eastern time, on TBD, 2004.    

Proposals hand-carried or delivered by commercial couriers must arrive at NASA’s shipping and receiving, rear of the building, at the street address below. NASA will use submissions only for evaluation purposes under this announcement.    

All proprietary information must be clearly marked in the proposals.      

Submit proposals to Debbie Rivera, Code PM, NASA Headquarters, 300 E Street, SW, Washington, DC 20546.      

This request is not to be construed as a commitment by NASA, nor will NASA pay for the information solicited.      

Respondents will be sent an acknowledgement of the receipt of their materials.    

Any questions regarding this request should be directed to the identified point of contact.

Original Point of Contact

Debbie Rivera, Strategic Alliances, Office of Public Affairs, Phone (202) 358-1743, Fax (202) 358-4331, Email

Email your questions to Debbie Rivera at

SpaceRef staff editor.