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Save EUVE Status Report 15 August 2000

By SpaceRef Editor
August 15, 2000
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Dear former UCB/EUVE scientists and staff,

Though re-entry is not expected until at least October 2001 and
may not happen until as late as October 2002, NASA has completed
it bi-annual review of astrophysics missions and the results are
grim. EUVE is slated to be turned off within the next 3-6 months
— quite prematurely — despite its low-cost operations, continued
yield of peer-reviewed publications, and flawless workings (i.e.
no degradation) of the scientific instrumentation.

Member of the EUVE Guest Observer community are working
congressional, NASA, and media angles to bring about change, but
public support is needed in the form of letters to NASA and
government officials.

This is where you, former UCB/EUVE staff, come in. Please
consider the following:

a) If you have not sent a letter, will you do so?

Please send a letter and/or e-mail to at least

Ed Weiler:

Guenter Riegler:

Congressman Nethercutt:
(who is working issue of inadequate R and A and MODA funds)
and your own congresspeople.

You’ll find a ready-made message needing only your electronic
signature and address at

b) Can you convince two or three other colleagues (especially
former staff who are not on this distribution list) to do the
same thing?

c) Please send a copy of what you write to
so it can go up on the web site
The ready made message there (see above) includes saveeuve
in the header.

d) If you know of e-mail addresses of former CEA staff who are not
on this distribution list, please share those with us and/or
forward this message to them. Our interest in contact
information is not just political — we would like to invite
all former staff members to an end-of-mission celebration
sometime within the next year.

e) Sign up for the euvefan listserve if you want to keep up to
date on our campaign to save EUVE. Send an e-mail to and type “subscribe euvefans” in the
body of the message.

Time is of the essence.

Thanks in advance for your support,

The un-official SAVE-EUVE “committee”

SpaceRef staff editor.