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SATOPS Morning Report – August 22, 2002

By SpaceRef Editor
August 22, 2002
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OPS48 rev 27764 R+12 from FBKS-B at 21:54Z on August 21:  A CAT 3 data loss (47.3 pbk secs, 1892 s/c secs) was declared after a playback was inadvertently turned off early.  The crew reset the recorder to chase the data but AFWA was unable to process the data set due to the resultant gap. 

OPS49 rev 13908 R+01 from FBKS-B at 05:28Z on August 22:  Channel 2 was received noisy during the post-ship from spacecraft.  AFWA declared a Cat 2 data loss (although this may be rescinded) 636 s/c sec., 159 pbk sec. 


SOCC engineers are preparing to uplink a patch to the NOAA-17 Reduced Gyro (RGYRO) software module on August 27.  This patch corrects minor deficiencies in the RGYRO flight code and has already been successfully loaded to NOAA-15 and NOAA-16. 

SOCC engineers plan to switch the Telemetry Beacon VHF Transmitter (BTX) on NOAA-17 from the low frequency (137.35 MHz) to the high frequency (137.77 MHz) on August 27.  This switch is planned to normalize the NOAA-17 operational configuration. 

POES operations were nominal over the past 24 hours. 


Battery reconditioning activities started August 12 on all spacecraft.  Battery 1 conditioning has been completed for all spacecraft and Battery 2 reconditioning activities started Monday, August 19. 

GOES images will be canceled from August 16 to October 24 due to sun avoidance and seasonal eclipse operations. The fall 2002 Eclipse and Keep Out Zone (KOZ) schedules are available at

A GOES-10 East-West station keeping maneuver will be performed on Tuesday, August 27 at 1230Z. 

GOES operations were nominal over the past 24 hours.

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