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SAFER Panel 14 September 2000

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September 14, 2000
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Meeting Minutes

September 14, 2000

The SAFER Panel met at JSC on September 14, 2000 in Building 1 room 360 at 10:00 a.m.

Meeting participants:

Panel Chair XA/ Anh Huynh

Panel Secretary HSMS/ Theresa Elms

Panel Members CB/ Claude Nicollier

ER/ Kevin Lewis

EP/ Eric Darcy

NC/ Ron Cook

NX/Tom Taylor

USA/ Leonel Cruz, Armon Knight

The following items were discussed:

1. Flight Readiness

  • STS—92 (3A) Manifest Support

Components are being swapped out on SAFER S/N 1006 in response to FIAR JSC-ER0028 (see below Individual vibration testing will be performed on the HCM and Avionics Box and then a thermal acceptance test will be performed on the whole unit. SAFER S/N 1006 is scheduled to be ready for late shipment on 09/24/00.

If SAFER S/N 1006 cannot meet the late ship date on 09/24/00, USA will substitute SAFER S/N 1003 (returning from STS-106) for S/N 1006. USA would perform the SAFER to EMU fit check for S/N 1003 at KSC. ER would perform or supervise the self-test and pressure recording.

  • STS—97 (4A) Manifest Support

If S/N 1003 is needed to support STS-92, then S/N 1007 from the SpaceHab on STS-106 is required to support STS-97.

2. FIAR/DR Closure Status

  • JSC-ER0028, Connectors P2 and P3 Inadvertently Switched in Avionics Box (Open 2 days)

As a result of the inadvertent switching of connectors P2 and P3 in the Avionics Box, the HCM, LN-200, and the CEA will be replaced on SAFER S/N 1006 to insure that any damaged subassemblies are replaced with functional ones. NX/Tom Taylor will be investigating if any damage could have been caused to the PSA.

3. Configuration Control

  • Hardware/Software Configurations

No change.

  • CR Implementation

    • CR H-0670 R1, AAH LED Function Modification

No change.

    • CR H-0683, On-Orbit Stowage Bag

No change.

    • CR H-0753 R1 Power Switch Guard Modification

Design concepts are still in work by ER.

    • CR H-0760 SAFER NBL & 1-G Hi-Fi Mockup Upgrades

HSMS/Anthony Hall provided the following SAFER NBL & 1-G Hi-Fi Mockup Upgrades Weekly Activity Report and Schedule Status (see files below):

    • CR H-0788, -305 SAFER Battery Design, Fabrication & Implementation

NX/EEE Parts Specialists have agreed to a two mission flight certification for SAFER. However, in order to provide a 100 mission certification, NX has requested additional testing on the avionics system and the battery gauge board. NX and EDCPAP will present the rationale for their requests in the next panel meeting on 09/21/00. NC/ Ron Cook will begin preparation of a supporting CR.

EP prefers not to make any changes to the batteries. However in choosing between the two options recommended by NX, EP prefers to modify the battery gauge boards to allow the addition of a current limiting resistor. This option is preferable to radiation testing because it is a permanent solution. If additional radiation testing were chosen then additional radiation testing would have to be performed every time new boards are built up with EEE parts from a different lot.

The 4th battery board experienced an inadvertent short during battery assembly. Only three batteries will be delivered on September 18. Should a spare battery be needed, the certification battery is available in addition to the batteries returning from STS-106.

    • CR H-0865, SAFER Thermal Enhancements

No change.

Proposed CR’s

    • CR H-0749 R1, SAFER On-Orbit Trainer

On hold until funds become available in the next fiscal year.

    • CR H-0806,-307 Rechargeable Battery CR

On hold pending funding from XA in the next fiscal year.

    • CR H-0843, Latch Redesign

On hold until hi-fi mockup latches can be replaced with flight-like latches.

    • Extension of HCM Deployment Actuator and the Manual Isolation Valve Actuator

CR draft in work.

    • IMS Labeling

CR draft in work.

    • On-Orbit Stowage Bag Modifications (Docking Loads)

DX has requested that the On-Orbit Stowage Bag Modifications be completed in time to train the crewmembers for STS-98. USA, DX, EC, ER and NC will meet to reach a consensus on the final details. USA/Leonel Cruz will set up the meeting.

The CR needs to indicate that the configuration number should roll from —301 to —303.

NC/Ron Cook will meet with EC/Gary Nickel the week of 09/18/00 to complete the Short Form requirements.

  1. Issues


5. Special Topics


  1. EHB Presentation


  1. CCB Presentation


  1. PRCB presentation

  2. None.

  3. Action Items

  • ER will investigate if the existing paperwork for SAFER S/Ns 1003 and 1006 (used on STS-106) can verify proper connection of Avionics Box connectors.


Submitted by: Approved by:

(Original signed by) (Original signed by)

Theresa M. Elms Anh H. Huynh

SAFER Panel Secretary USA SAFER Panel Chairman









C. Price










J. Smith

Evaluate the MPLM environment for launch/landing of the USA SAFER.

06/25/99: Assigned.

07/29/99: In review by ER. ER as needed will request additional information.

08/05/99: ER needs information on directional G-loads during launch, landing, and emergency landing.

08/06/99: Additional MPLM information was provided by OM/E. Smistad.

08/11/99: ER will provide a cost and schedule estimate for the additional stress analysis.

08/26/99: ER estimated a cost of 32K and a schedule for 2 months. The task will be initiated by XA on 10/01/99 with FY00 funding.

10/28/99: Partial funding has been sent to ER on 10/21/99 & 10/29/99. ER to complete the evaluation with an ECD of 01/03/00.

12/02/99: ER will provide a new ECD due to time needed to turn the effort on through a task order.

01/06/00: ER provided a new ECD of 03/15/00.

03/30/00: ER has requested a new ECD from LM. New ECD of TBD.

04/06/00: The stress analysis is complete. The memo will be out soon, ECD 04/13/00.

04/20/00: ECD TBD.

05/04/00: The stress analysis is in the LM signature loop.

05/11/00: LM/James Shu presented the results of the MPLM stress analysis to the Panel. James Shu will provide ER with a memo summarizing the results. ER will forward the memo to XA. XA will discuss the angular acceleration topic with the MPLM group and ER will discuss with ES.

05/12/00: ES confirmed the need to include the angular acceleration in the analysis.

05/16/00: Awaiting MPLM contact person to be provided by XA I&O lead for 5A.1.

05/18/00: ER provided the analysis performed by LM.

05/25/00: ER is waiting for a response from the MPLM stress analyst. New ECD: TBD.

06/15/00: ER will meet with the MPLM contact person on 06/15/00.

06/22/00: The MPLM stress analysis is presently in review with the MPLM stress analyst.

07/13/00: The MPLM stress analyst (Satya Pilla) has provided additional MPLM launch/landing environment information. James Shu is reviewing the environment information.

07/20/00: The MPLM stress analyst has indicated that the SAFER can be launched in the MPLM. XA is waiting on the official confirmation from the MPLM group.

08/24/00: XA discussed the action with MPLM representative. New ECD 09/07/00.


K. Lewis

Provide a video recording of 1) NSI/Pyro Valve firing, 2) dry valve seating, 3) wet valve seating, 4) dry valve self-test, and 5) wet valve self-test.

06/25/99: Assigned as action 02-03 at the STS-96 USA SAFER IFA Investigation meeting.

07/09/99: Transfer action to USA SAFER Panel.

08/05/99: Recording completed except for NSI/Pyro Valve firing. ECD of TBD, pending available opportunity.


K. Lewis








A. Huynh

ER will initiate a stress analysis to determine how far the HCM deployment actuator and manual valve can be extended.

02/17/00: Assigned. ECD TBD.

02/24/00: EV/James Shu stated that the SAFER actuator supporting bracket needs to be changed if the actuator is extended.

05/04/00: The stress analysis is on hold while the small and x-large EMU managers perform SAFER reach evaluations with suited subjects to determine how far to extend the actuators. ECD: 05/19/00.

05/25/00: XA will initiate a CR for 2" extension to the actuators.


P. McCartney

K. Vassigh

Provide a video of the on-orbit trainer evaluation (SSC) as shown at the VRL and more technical information on the data rate specifications.

04/20/00: Assigned. ECD TBD.

06/15/00: DX will record on-orbit trainer evaluation (SSC) on video. ECD TBD.


K. Lewis

ER will determine the cost to build one more flight SAFER.

05/18/00: Assigned. ECD 06/16/00.

06/22/00: New ECD: TBD.

06/29/00: XA requests that ER look into getting a contractor to build another flight SAFER.

07/13/00: New ECD: 9/30/00.


K. Lewis


T. Elms

ER will investigate the problem with the weight relief lifting sling and the SAFER latches.

05/18/00: Assigned. ECD 06/01/00.

05/25/00: HSMS will verify that a comprehensive procedure is used to operate the weight relief lifting sling in order to prevent any damages to the SAFER latches.

06/15/00: New ECD 07/06/00.

07/06/00: HSMS determined that a comprehensive procedure to operate the weight relief lifting sling did not exist and that one needed to be written and released as a SSA Class III operational procedure. ECD 08/18/00.

07/13/00: HSMS has written a procedure detailing how to attach the SAFER to the EMU when using a weight relief lifting sling. The procedure is presently in review with Steve Anderson of the SSI group.

07/20/00: HSMS/T. Elms received comments to incorporate from ILC/Steve Anderson. Next the procedure needs to be reviewed by ER.

07/27/00: HSMS is searching for a picture showing the EMU/SAFER in the weight relief-lifting sling.

08/10/00: HSMS sent the procedure to ER/Kevin Lewis for review on 08/07/00.

08/17/00: HSMS will rewrite the procedure "real-time" as Gail Steel performs the steps on the engineering unit. New ECD: 8/31/00.

08/31/00: HSMS rewrote the procedure. Gail Steel reviewed and provided his inputs. The procedure is ready for release.

09/07/00: New ECD: 09/14/00.

09/21/00: New ECD: 09/28/00.


K. Lewis

ER will provide DX with a video tape of the following operations for training:

  • Power switch guard installation & removal

  • Hand controller stowage

  • SAFER Checkout

  • SAFER Latch Operation (don/doff SAFER to PLSS; l use a USA/FCE

class III PLSS & SAFER engineering unit)

  • Inhibit Plug installation and removal

  • SAFER Battery Changeout

SAFER Transfer/Stow ops (both the launch/entry and on-orbit stowage bags from USA/FCE)

06/15/00: Assigned. ECD TBD.

07/13/00: DX and ER will develop a mutually agreed schedule to complete the activities.

08/31/00: New ECD: 09/05/00.

09/07/00: Activities were not performed on 09/05/00. ECD: 09/11/00.

09/12/00: Video taping of SAFER operations was completed on 09/11/00.


M. Hembree

Investigate if the ERCM will be used in an EVA before the DTO, creating a glove cut hazard on the tether.

07/20/00: Assigned. ECD 08/10/00.

09/07/00: New ECD: TBD.

09/14/00: New ECD: 09/15/00.



Submit any post-flight DTO questions for the STS-92 crew to DX/Mike Hembree.

07/20/00: Assigned. ECD 08/10/00.

09/07/00: New ECD: TBD.


M. Hembree

Provide a DTO backup plan in case of RMS failure.

07/20/00: Assigned. ECD 08/10/00.

09/07/00: New ECD: TBD.

09/14/00: New ECD: 09/15/00.


K. Lewis

Provide a formal memo to DX/Mary Fitts before STS-106 that gives the status for each SAFER unit.

08/03/00: Assigned. ECD TBD.

08/17/00: New ECD: 09/01/00.

08/31/00: ER sent a draft STS-106 memo to DX/Mary Fitts 08/31/00 which presented the status for each of the three SAFER units.


E. Darcy

F. Davies

Provide a work instruction for inspection of incoming electrical parts.

08/03/00: Assigned. ECD 09/11/00.

08/17/00: New ECD: 09/01/00.

09/07/00: New ECD: TBD.

09/14/00: Work instruction is in review with ER management.


E. Darcy

Contact Dave Homan or Jeff Hoblit/VRL to determine whether the battery simulation in the VRL is realistic.

08/03/00: Assigned. ECD 09/01/00.

08/17/00: New ECD: 08/25/00.

08/24/00: EP/Eric Darcy gave Jeff Hoblit instructions on how the VRL should be simulating the battery on 08/23/00. Jeff Hoblit will check his VRL algorithms against Eric’s instructions and report the results of the comparison. New ECD: 08/28/00.

08/31/00: Jeff Hoblit investigated how the VRL simulates the battery and is presently incorporating EP’s changes. New ECD: TBD.

09/07/00: Changes to the VRL battery simulation software are on hold while the configuration procedure is being determined.

09/14/00: New ECD: 09/21/00.


K. Lewis

Provide a ROM on the following new latches:

1 — set of Class I tower latches

3 — sets of Class III tower latches

08/17/00: Assigned. ECD TBD.

09/07/00: New ECD: 09/14/00.


C. Mooty

Provide a ROM on the following new latches:

1 — set of Class I tower

3 — sets of Class III tower latches

08/17/00: Assigned. ECD TBD.

08/24/00: New ECD: 09/07/00.

08/31/00: New ECD: 09/28/00.


K. Lewis

A. Knight

ER/Kevin Lewis and USA/Armon Knight need to develop a fitcheck plan for STS-97 (4A).

08/24/00: Assigned. ECD 09/07/00.

09/07/00: A fitcheck plan for STS-97 (4A) will be determined after the fitchecks for STS-92 have been completed. New ECD: TBD.


T. Elms

K. Lewis

Prepare a configuration matrix for STS-106, STS-92 and STS-97 and document what the differences are between the configurations.

08/24/00: Assigned. ECD 08/31/00.

08/31/00: The configuration matrix was sent for ER’s review on 08/28/00. New ECD: 09/08/00.

09/07/00: New ECD: 09/14/00.

09/14/00: New ECD: 09/21/00.


A. Knight

Determine if the SAFER units for 3A and 4A have been fit checked with a flight PLSS in the past.

08/31/00: Assigned. ECD 09/07/00.

09/07/00: New ECD: TBD.


R. Cook

NC/Ron Cook will determine which SAFER configuration (if any) was certified for 100 missions.

09/07/00: Assigned. ECD 09/14/00.

09/14/00: SAFER configuration —303 was certified for 100 missions. Closed.


K. Lewis

ER will investigate if the existing paperwork for SAFER S/Ns 1003 and 1006 (used on STS-106) can verify proper connection of Avionics Box connectors.

09/14/00: Assigned. ECD 09/21/00.


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