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RSC Energia Statement on ISS Reboost Anomaly

By SpaceRef Editor
November 30, 2006
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RSC Energia Statement on ISS Reboost Anomaly

A scheduled orbital correction of the International Space Station (ISS) was terminated ahead of time because during the orbit-raising maneuver the control system detected possible station attitude instability. In accordance with the standard algorithms, the control system automatically shut down the thrusters on Progress M-58 ahead of time.

It was the first orbital correction maneuver after a change in the configuration of the US segment of ISS (installation of an additional solar array truss during STS-115 mission of the Atlantis Space Shuttle Orbiter in September 2006).
The next orbital correction maneuver using the same Progress spacecraft is scheduled for December 2.

For information: There is another spacecraft, Progress M-57, currently attached to ISS that can also perform the space station orbital correction maneuver.

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