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ROSES-15 Amendment 4: C.1 Planetary Science Research Program Overview Additional Requirement and Information for Geological Mapping

By SpaceRef Editor
March 13, 2015
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ROSES-15 Amendment 4:  Additional Requirement and Information for Planetary Science Research Program Overview

Efforts to produce a geological map for publication by the USGS have been and continue to be supported by the Planetary Science Division R&A program. In order to better enable the smooth submission and processing of proposals with such an effort, C.1, Planetary Science Research Program Overview, has been amended to add an additional requirement (outside of the 15-page main body of the proposal) and to include a discussion of how to determine where a proposal should be submitted. Investigators intending to submit a proposal with a mapping effort in ROSES 2015 should read the amended text in order to decide where to submit their proposal and to ensure that the newly required supporting document is acquired sufficiently ahead of the relevant submission deadline. 

Questions about the technical specifications letters should be directed to the USGS Map Coordinator (James Skinner, 

Questions about whether a given proposal is appropriate to a program element should be directed to that program element’s point of contact (see the Summary of Key Information in the individual solicitation).

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