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ROSES-14 Amendment: HyspIRI Preparatory Airborne Activities and Associated Science: Coral Reef and Volcano Research

By SpaceRef Editor
December 22, 2014
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ROSES-14 Amendment 49 Releases a new call: A.45, HyspIRI Preparatory Airborne Activities and Associated Science: Coral Reef and Volcano Research.

Prior Hyperspectral Infrared Imager (HyspIRI) preparatory flights did not allow for volcanology and coral reef ecosystems research – key communities specifically called out in the National Research Council Decadal Survey’s discussion of the HyspIRI mission.  With this ROSES element, NASA is soliciting proposals for volcano and coral reef research resulting from a single campaign of flights in 2016 to the Hawaiian Islands by the ER-2 aircraft carrying the Airborne Visible/Infrared Imaging Spectrometer and MODIS/ASTER Airborne Simulator instruments. NASA will fly these HyspIRI precursor flights at high altitudes resulting in transects of sufficient size to allow participants to simulate HyspIRI data sets, i.e., to generate HyspIRI-like data of approximately 60 m ground spatial sampling. In coming up with their research topics, proposers should consider the full list of science questions for the HyspIRI mission, as they relate to volcanoes and coral reef ecosystems, found on the HyspIRI Mission Study web site at

 Notices of Intent to propose are requested by February 25, 2015, and the due date for proposals is April 1, 2015.

On or about December 22, 2014, this Amendment to the NASA Research Announcement “Research Opportunities in Space and Earth Sciences (ROSES) 2014” (NNH14ZDA001N) will be posted on the NASA research opportunity homepage at and will appear on the RSS feed at:

Questions concerning this program element may be directed to Woody Turner at or 202-358-1662.

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