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Revised NASA GSFC Travel Authorization Procedures

By SpaceRef Editor
September 27, 2001
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National Aeronautics

and Space Administration

Goddard Space Flight Center

Greenbelt, MD 20771

SEP 27 2001

Reply to Attn of: 150

TO: Executive Council

FROM: 100/Director

SUBJECT: Revised Travel Authorization Procedures

Recent events have made it necessary to carefully review our procedures for authorizing travel and to revise our policy on delegations for travel authorizations to ensure the safety and security of all Goddard Space Flight Center employees. In addition, guidance from NASA Headquarters has necessitated at least interim adjustments to our normal processing of certain travel. The Goddard Policy Directive (GPD) 9710.1, “Delegations of Travel Authority and Attendance at Meetings of Outside Organizations,” is currently under revision. In the interim, I am issuing revised guidance that is effective immediately.

  • All travel, without exception, must contain an explanation of why the travel is considered critical, and the mission safety impact if the travel is not approved.

  • Domestic safety-related and mission-critical travel can continue to be authorized at the Division/Center Chief level except for motor vehicle travel in excess of 30 miles (one way). Division/Center Chiefs MUST sign the authorization unless they are absent from the duty station on leave, excused absence or other than local travel. Deputy Division/Center Chiefs are authorized to sign ONLY when the Division/Center Chief is absent. In the absence of both the Division and Deputy Chiefs, the Director MUST sign all domestic travel for recruiting purposes and for training purposes. In addition, he will continue to sign permanent change of station travel. Reimbursable travel in this category must still be signed by the Chief Counsel. For motor vehicle travel in excess of 300 miles (one way), the above approving officials become the concurring officials, and the Center Director becomes the approving official.

  • All foreign travel and all domestic and foreign travel to conferences, symposia, or similar gatherings require the Center Director’s approval with full review by the Director of and concurrence by the Chief Counsel. For foreign travel, be mindful of the required lead time for coordination with the International Office at Headquarters.

    Justifications continue to be required for travel received by NASA Headquarters, Code I within 2 weeks of departure. For program travel those justifications must be signed by the director of and concurred in by the Chief Counsel; for all other travel, those justifications must be concurred in by the Director of and signed by the Chief Counsel.

  • All travel to launches requires Center Director’s signature with review and concurrence from the Deputy Center Director. (Reimbursable travel in this category must be reviewed by the Chief Counsel.)

  • Annual leave in conjunction with official travel is discouraged. If annual leave is requested, it must be accompanied by a written justification by the Director of.

    While in the past, some travel authorizations were reviewed and even singed primarily for budgetary purposes, I am asking each of you to carefully review the purpose of the trip with specific sensitivity to foreign travel and the conditions abroad. These reviews should not be delegated to resources personnel in your organization. Employees with signature authority should ensure that they carefully screen each trip and support it occurrence. To the fullest extend possible, please give full consideration to conducting business via teleconference and video conference facilities in lieu of travel. From time to time, I will ask Directors to provide a full report of travel by type for their organization.

    Please call Gale Fleming on extension 6-5132 if you have any questions.

    A.V. Diaz

  • SpaceRef staff editor.