Status Report

Requesting Indications of Interest For MEPAG Committee Membership

By SpaceRef Editor
October 23, 2017
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The Mars Exploration Program Analysis Group (MEPAG) serves as a community-based, interdisciplinary forum for inquiry and analysis in support of planning and implementing Mars exploration objectives. The MEPAG Terms of Reference and organization are described more fully at:

The two executive bodies for MEPAG are:

The MEPAG Executive Committee members discuss and approve MEPAG reports, meeting agendas, and committee and science analysis group (SAG) membership and charters.

The MEPAG Goals Committee members maintain and, based on new discoveries and findings, update the MEPAG Goals Document:

Membership of the Executive and Goals Committees are solicited from the MEPAG community and determined by the MEPAG Chair and current Executive Committee members. Terms of service are typically 2-3 years, depending on MEPAG tasks and desire for overlapping terms. Participation in the Executive Committee includes a monthly telecon, participation in MEPAG community meetings, reviews of MEPAG reports, and related activities. Goals Committee activity is dependent upon the pace of updates to the Goals Document. Related travel is supported (except for civil servants); time is not.

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