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Request for Information (RFI): On the development of countermeasures to mitigate the risk of space radiation induced carcinogenesis, degenerative dise

By SpaceRef Editor
August 7, 2020
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Solicitation Number: 80JSC020L0006

Release Date: August 7, 2020

Response Date: September 11, 2020


NASA’s Human Research Program (HRP) investigates and mitigates the highest risks to astronaut health and performance in exploration missions. The goal of the HRP is to provide human health and performance countermeasures, knowledge, technologies, and tools to enable safe, reliable, and productive human space exploration, and to ensure safe and productive human spaceflight. The scope of these goals includes both the successful completion of exploration missions and the preservation of astronaut health across the life of the astronaut.


This RFI is intended to initiate a multiphase process that will allow the Space Radiation Element of HRP to create and fund an interdisciplinary, multi-institution, cooperative working consortium to identify and validate countermeasures that are effective in mitigating the risk of chronic space radiation exposure. If sufficient and appropriate infrastructure and capability is identified based on the community responses to this RFI, a call for self-nominations may follow thereafter. That call for nominations will provide the Space Radiation Element Scientist the opportunity to invite nominees to take part in a consortium workshop to develop recommended studies and strategy that will be peer reviewed and funded to begin work in the first half of calendar year 2021.


The full text of the RFI and response instructions can be found at: Responses must be submitted electronically using the NSPIRES web site. This RFI is open to responses from all individuals including those from commercial entities, international organizations, academia, NASA Centers, and other government agencies.


The information obtained will be used by NASA for planning and acquisition strategy development.  NASA will use the information obtained as a result of this RFI on a non-attribution basis.  Providing data and information that is limited or restricted for use by NASA for that purpose would be of very little value and such restricted/limited data/information is not solicited.  No information or questions received will be posted to any website or public access location.  NASA does not plan to respond to the individual responses. Later participation in the interdisciplinary team is not guaranteed, nor is compensation for any later participation. The Government does not intend to award an award on the basis of this RFI or to otherwise pay for the information solicited.



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