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Remarks by NASA Deputy Administrator Shana Dale at the Google Lunar X PRIZE Announcement

By SpaceRef Editor
September 17, 2007
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Remarks by  NASA Deputy Administrator Shana Dale at the Google Lunar X PRIZE Announcement

Thank you, Bob [Bob Weiss, Vice-Chairman of the X PRIZE Foundation].

I’d like to extend my congratulations to Google and to the X PRIZE Foundation on their collaboration to establish the Google Lunar X PRIZE.

There are many specific objectives to be accomplished on the surface of the Moon, but there also is another objective here on Earth – inspiring kids to study science and engineering, and we applaud you for that goal.

The Google Lunar X PRIZE is an opportunity for today’s engineers and entrepreneurs to join the next era of space exploration. As we at NASA know, going to the Moon requires incredible effort, innovation, and determination.

At NASA, we’ve been given the challenge of constructing a permanent outpost on the Moon, landing the first humans on Mars, and then going beyond. But the people who will make it happen won’t all come from NASA. Individuals in the private sector have an essential part to play in this new era and on the new frontier. The next steps won’t happen without them. So at NASA, we’re committed to encouraging private efforts and to supporting challenges that channel the creative energies of people – wherever they work.

NASA has set up the Centennial Challenges and cooperates with the X PRIZE Foundation on the Lunar Lander Challenge for the same reason – to drive the innovations and unleash the creative energies needed on the new frontier.

Competitions couple aspirations with actions. They cause us to dig deeper and reach higher than we ever thought we could. I applaud the spirit of competition. I wish the participants in the Google Lunar X PRIZE Challenge much success. We’ll see you on the Moon!

Thank you.

SpaceRef staff editor.