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Relics of subluminous supernovae in metal-poor stars

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January 15, 2003
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From: Takuji Tsujimoto <>
Date: Tue, 14 Jan 2003 01:43:23 GMT (120kb)

Relics of subluminous supernovae in metal-poor stars

Takuji Tsujimoto,
Toshikazu Shigeyama

Comments: 5 pages including 3 figures, to appear in ApJ Letters February 20

The unique elemental abundance pattern of the carbon-rich stars CS29498-043
and CS22949-037 is characterized by a large excess of magnesium and silicon in
comparison with iron. This excess is investigated in the context of a
supernova-induced star formation scenario, and it is concluded that these stars
were born from the matter swept up by supernova remnants containing little iron
and that such supernovae are similar to the least-luminous SNe ever observed,
SNe 1997D and 1999br. Comparison of the observed abundance pattern in
iron-group elements of subluminous supernovae with those of other supernovae
leads to an intriguing implication for explosion, nucleosynthesis, and mixing
in supernovae. The observed invariance of these ratios can not be accounted for
by a spherically symmetric supernova model.

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