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Register Today for the 2014 Humans to Mars Summit (H2M)

By SpaceRef Editor
November 10, 2013
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Join us at the Humans to Mars Summit (H2M). Co-sponsored by Explore  Mars, the George Washington University, and the Space Policy Institute  at GW, H2M will be held on April 22-24, 2014 at at George Washington  University in Washington, DC. H2M will be a comprehensive Mars  exploration conference to address the major technical, scientific, and  policy related challenges that need to be overcome to send humans to  Mars by 2030. Topics will include Mars mission architecture and  challenges, science goals, planetary protection, International  cooperation, space and US competitiveness, ISRU, and many other topics.

Some of the tentative speakers already include William Gerstenmaier,  James Garvin, Doug McCuistion, Penelope Boston, Sam Scimemi,  Mike Raftery, Marc Kaufman, Buzz Aldrin, Joel Levine, Rebecca Keiser,  and many more.

Take advantage of our special early registration today and save money  before the registration fee increases after January 1, 2014: 

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