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Recovery Act: NASA Solicitation: Commercial Crew Enabling Initiative – Upgrades to Launch Complex 40

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October 27, 2009
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Recovery Act: NASA Solicitation: Commercial Crew Enabling Initiative – Upgrades to Launch Complex 40

Synopsis – Oct 21, 2009

General Information

Solicitation Number: N/A
Reference Number: NNK09ZCS001
Posted Date: Oct 21, 2009
FedBizOpps Posted Date: Oct 21, 2009
Recovery and Reinvestment Act Action: Yes
Original Response Date: N/A
Current Response Date: N/A
Classification Code: Z — Maintenance, repair, and alteration of real property
NAICS Code: 236220 – Commercial and Institutional Building Construction

Contracting Office Address

NASA/John F. Kennedy Space Center, Procurement, Kennedy Space Center, FL 32899


RECOVERY – Commercial Crew Enabling Initiatives – Upgrades to Launch Complex 40


INTRODUCTION In accordance with FAR 5.704(a)(2), the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) at the John F. Kennedy Space Center (KSC) is providing this pre-solicitation notice for informational purposes only.

This effort will be performed and funded under the 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA). The effort for the RECOVERY Commercial Crew Enabling Initiatives – Upgrades to Launch Complex 40, will be competed amongst the existing twelve construction contractors under the KSC General Construction Multiple Award Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) Contract.

SCOPE OF WORK The contractor shall furnish all labor, equipment, materials and related activities necessary for the RECOVERY Commercial Crew Enabling Initiatives – Upgrades to Launch Complex 40, at the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida, 32925. All work shall be accomplished in accordance with the KSC General Construction Multiple Award IDIQ terms and conditions, wage determination FL080017, dated 7/10/2009, Statement of Work dated October 14, 2009 and Attachments A-F. The specific tasks for this effort are as follows:

ENGINEERING SERVICES 1. Provide the design services of state-licensed architects, engineers, and land surveyors. The design services shall include the preparation of the construction documents that, once approved by the Government, shall govern the construction of, and be the controlling documents for, the project described in this SOW. Provide construction services of a State of Florida-licensed construction contractor as well as engineering services during construction by State of Florida-licensed architects, engineers, and land surveyors. The requirements for engineering services during construction are outlined in the Extended Title I Clause, which is Attachment 1 to this SOW. 2. The services include all design support work necessary to complete the requirements defined by this SOW and attached documents. Provide all services, skills, expertise, labor and materials needed to construct, complete, and provide fully functional facilities, structures or systems or modifications or addition to a facility, structure or system as defined in this contract.

PROJECT SCOPE The scope of work includes the following base task and four options. The scope of this project includes site work, foundations, utilities, and all other work necessary to provide complete and usable facilities.

Base Task: Refurbish and Reactivate the following equipment (CLIN 1): 1. The Kearney transfer switches: 2. Perform maintenance on the lower AGE substation and motor control centers 3. Install Bollards around piping 4. Replace door frame and threshold for Falcon Support Building (FSB) 47109 mechanical room 5. Repair fencing around complex perimeter

Option 1: Install conductive flooring in Hangar Hypergol area (CLIN 2)

Option 2: Lightning protection towers (CLIN 3) 1. Perform general corrosion control inspection of tower’s structural steel. See Attachment D for instructions. 2. Perform maintenance in accordance with Attachment D.

Option 3: Minor facility equipment upgrades and refurbishment (CLIN 4): 1. Upgrade HVAC controls and condenser unit in FSB 47109 2. Replace condenser unit and air handler for guard shack 3. Upgrade electrical service for Westside of FSB 4. Replace guard shack transformer 5. Install new lighting in Upper AGE

Option 4: Minor facility corrosion control and general upgrade (CLIN 5): 1. Perform corrosion control on rail cars 2. Corrosion control on pad lighting poles 3. Paint outside of Falcon Support Building 4. Paint outside of AGE building 5. Repair pot holes in road around complex 6. Install/Repair curbing around complex 7. Hydro seed complex

RESPONSE INSTRUCTIONS This pre-solicitation notice is for informational purposes only. NASA does not intend to post any additional pre-solicitation information regarding the procurement for the RECOVERY Commercial Crew Enabling Initiatives – Upgrades to Launch Complex 40.

DISCLAIMER This information is for informational purposes only, subject to FAR Clause 5.704, entitled “Publicizing – Pre Award”. It does not constitute a Request for Proposal, Invitation for Bid, or Request for Quotation, and it is not to be construed as a commitment by the Government to enter into a contract. Moreover, the Government will not pay for any information submitted in response to this Notice, nor will the Government reimburse a contractor for costs incurred to prepare responses to this Notice.

No solicitation exists at this time; therefore, do not request a copy of the solicitation. If a solicitation is released it will be synopsized in the FedBizOpps and on the NASA Acquisition Internet Services (NAIS). It is the potential offeror’s responsibility to monitor these sites for the release of any solicitation or synopsis.


Point of Contact

Name: Nancy A Potts
Title: Contracting Officer
Phone: 321-867-4646
Fax: 321-867-4848

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