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Primordial black holes in braneworld cosmologies: astrophysical constraints

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January 30, 2003
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From: (Andrew Liddle)
Date: Wed, 29 Jan 2003 16:09:26 GMT (42kb)

Primordial black holes in braneworld cosmologies: astrophysical

Dominic Clancy,
Raf Guedens,
Andrew R Liddle

Comments: 18 pages RevTeX4 file with three figures incorporated; final paper in
series astro-ph/0205149 and astro-ph/0208299

In two recent papers we explored the modifications to primordial black hole
physics when one moves to the simplest braneworld model, Randall–Sundrum
type II. Both the evaporation law and the cosmological evolution of the
population can be modified, and additionally accretion of energy from the
background can be dominant over evaporation at high energies. In this paper we
present a detailed study of how this impacts upon various astrophysical
constraints, analyzing constraints from the present density, from the present
high-energy photon background radiation, from distortion of the microwave
background spectrum, and from processes affecting light element abundances both
during and after nucleosynthesis. Typically, the constraints on the formation
rate of primordial black holes weaken as compared to the standard cosmology if
black hole accretion is unimportant at high energies, but can be strengthened
in the case of efficient accretion.

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