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Powerful X-flare Erupts on the Sun

By SpaceRef Editor
September 24, 2001
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This morning at 1038 UT a powerful X2.6 solar flare erupted near the large
sunspot 9632. A radiation storm (currently S2-class) is in progess and
intensifying.The explosion also hurled a lopsided halo coronal mass ejection
(CME) into space. The Earth-directed CME, pictured right in a SOHO
animation, will sweep past our planet late Tuesday or Wednesday and probably
trigger geomagnetic storms. Stay tuned for updates.


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  • 24 September 2001: NOAA SEC Report of Solar-Geophysical Activity 24 Sep 2001

    “Geophysical Activity Forecast: The geomagnetic field is
    expected to be at major to severe storm levels beginning early on 26
    September. The cme/flare event of earlier today is expected to spawn
    a strong disturbance expected to persist for 48 hours. The proton
    events currently occurring are likely to continue for the next 24
    hours. The Polar Cap Absorption is expected to continue throughout
    the day on 25 September.”

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