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Photo Report: Soyuz TMA-6 Delivered to Launch Site

By SpaceRef Editor
February 19, 2005
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February 16, 2005. Baikonur Cosmodrome. Manned transportation spacecraft Soyuz TMA-6 has been delivered to the Baikonur launch site where it will undergo final operations to prepare it for launch. In mid-April this spacecraft will carry a Russian cosmonaut Sergei Krikalev and two flight engineers – NASA astronaut John Phillips and ESA astronaut, an Italian, Roberto Vittori – to the International Space Station to perform work there under the programs of ISS Expedition 11 and the Russian "taxi" Mission 8. In the launch site processing facility, the work is drawing to a close to prepare for launch a Russian logistics spacecraft Progress M-52, which is to deliver to ISS the propellant and cargoes needed for the space station to continue its operation and to support the life and work of its crew.

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