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Pennsylvania Space Grant Workshops

By SpaceRef Editor
February 26, 2011
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Keep pace with the latest science research, engage in standards-based classroom activities and explore ways to make science fun while working with Penn State faculty during these summer workshops for in-service science, technology, engineering and mathematics, or STEM, educators. Network with peers and earn graduate credits. Workshops are aligned with the national science education standards and Pennsylvania standards for science and technology.

All workshops take place in State College, Pa. Grants are awarded to all participants to cover in-state tuition, lodging, parking, some meals and partial travel.

Ancient Global Warming (Grades 6-12) — June 15-17, 2011

Venture back 55 million years to learn about a major global warming event and what it can teach us about the potential effects of future global warming on the environment and life on Earth. Hands-on activities will include computer modeling and processing of ancient samples.

Engaging Students in Astronomy (Grades 5-9) — July 18-22, 2011

Learn how to use the Starry Night software package, which allows users to simulate the behavior of the night sky and the motion of objects in the solar system. Participants also will learn to analyze student work in order to contribute to research into how students’ understanding of astronomy changes over time.

Hands-on Particle Astrophysics (Grades 9-12) — July 25-29, 2011

This workshop will feature hands-on explorations of high-energy messengers from extreme cosmic phenomena, such as galactic supernova blast waves. Instructors will highlight leading Penn State experiments in Antarctica, the Argentine Pampas and the upper reaches of Earth’s atmosphere.

Astrobiology: The Interdisciplinary Search for Life in the Cosmos (Grades 5-12) — Aug. 1-5, 2011

Join faculty from the Penn State Astrobiology Research Center to examine how scientists work to detect and characterize life on the early Earth, in extreme environments and in extraterrestrial settings. The latest research and related hands-on activities will be highlighted.

Black Holes: Gravity’s Fatal Attraction (Grades 6-12) — Aug. 1-5, 2011

Delve deep inside black holes and modern ideas about gravity, space, time and solar system formation. Current ideas might surprise you!

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