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Open Journal System Website for Gravitational and Space Biology Is Now Active

By SpaceRef Editor
January 3, 2013
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Open Journal System Website for Gravitational and Space Biology Is Now Active

Dear Colleagues:

The Open Journal System web site for Gravitational and Space Biology is active, and we continue to encourage manuscript submissions of all kinds – from members and non-members alike. The instructions to authors can be found on the website, and in the front-matter of any issue.

Manuscripts can be submitted any time through the website,, and will be published in the order of their completion through the peer review and author revision process. We continue to make special encouragement to people interested in contributing short communications developed from abstracts presented at the annual meeting, as well as longer symposia papers from the annual meeting. Manuscripts submitted before March 1st will be targeted to the Spring 2013 issue, and those submitted between then and August 1st will be targeted to the Fall 2013 issue. But again, manuscripts of all kinds may be submitted at any time, and will be published in their order of completion.

As you know, we are transitioning to a broader scope, and although we are currently still listed under the title “Gravitational and Space Biology” we are targeting the Fall 2013 issue to be the first issue under the title “Gravitational and Space Research”. We are in the process of expanding our editorial board to support this change. Submission is open to all, and we are actively encouraging papers in all fields. Examples form the biological side of the house include (but limited to): gravitational and space biology, astrobiology, analog environment research, advanced life support (ALS), biophysics, radiation biology, engineering, and hardware development. Examples of physical sciences relevant to the ASGSR community include (but again, not limited to) fluid physics, combustion, materials, and acceleration in altered gravity environments. The categories of papers in the journal are Short Communication, Methods, Research, Review and Hypothesis. Guidelines for each category can be found in the Instructions to Authors, and you may feel free to contact any of the members of the Editorial team for guidance at any time.

The value of the journal to ASGSR, and to the scientific community, depends heavily on the quality and number of articles submitted. We look forward to receiving many high-quality papers that strongly reflect the exciting research of our members. We are the face of ASGSR.

As always, do not hesitate to e-mail with any questions, concerns, or suggestions.

Best regards,
Anna-Lisa Paul

SpaceRef staff editor.