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Open Call for One Millimeter Square Space Art

By SpaceRef Editor
August 16, 2008
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Open Call for One Millimeter Square Space Art

According to the Call for Art Work at the SPRITE-SAT page at Tohoku University, researchers are “developing a small satellite, named SPRITE-SAT, with launch planned for January 2009. The primary mission of the satellite is a scientific study of lightening phenomena above the cloud layers, in addition, using this opportunity, university is also organizing the first art exhibition in outer space! To take part in this exhibition you are invited to submit monochrome digital pictures, which we will shrink to a size of 1mm squares and fabricate on a silicon wafer using photolithography technology arranged as a mosaic. The mosaic will be exhibited in orbit attached on the top of an antenna boom on the top of the satellite. The artworks will also be exhibited on dedicated web pages.”

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Source: Ayako Ono posting at SGTALK

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