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On the Life and Death of Satellite Haloes

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January 16, 2003
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From: Fabio Governato <>
Date: Tue, 14 Jan 2003 22:22:45 GMT (92kb)

On the Life and Death of Satellite Haloes

Giuliano Taffoni (Sissa, Trieste),
Lucio Mayer (Zurich),
Monica Colpi (Milano),
Fabio Governato (Seattle, The N-body Shop)

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We study the evolution of dark matter satellites orbiting inside more massive
haloes using semi-analytical tools coupled with high-resolution N-Body
simulations. We select initial satellite sizes, masses, orbital energies, and
eccentricities as predicted by hierarchical models of structure formation. Both
the satellite and the main halo are described by a Navarro, Frenk & White
density profile with various concentrations.

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