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OeWF Analog Mission Basic Training Course Invitation

By SpaceRef Editor
March 3, 2017
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The Austrian Space Forum is a network of space professionals and people with a passion for spaces in collaboration with national and international research, industry & policy institutions. We conducts interdisciplinary research together with international partners on exploration strategies for future human Mars expeditions.

On behalf of the OeWF Flight Directors we are sending a call for the invitation for the Analog Mission Basic Training Course (AMBT) in May 2017. We are now in the scouting phase for our next “grand mission”, the AMADEE-18 project in February 2018.

Step by step, mission after mission, we are not only gaining more experience and knowledge in this fascinating field, but we are becoming an important and competent reference point for the Austrian and European space sector. The AMADEE-18 analog mission will be a further step ahead in this journey, to which each of you can contribute significantly. The mission will be a new exciting challenge and the Analog Mission Basic and Advanced Training courses in May (AMBT) and August (AMAT) 2017 will be fundamental for the preparation and a mandatory requirement for all the OeWF members that want to be part of it.

Details can be found in the attached pdf-file, the deadline for applications is 06Mar2017 by sending an email to [email protected]

SpaceRef staff editor.